Monday 2nd Tri

Morning all. 

Its super early because I'm up worrying about my Labrador. She's nearly 10, was laying on the sofa cuddled in to me last night and when it came to bedtime she wouldn't jump down. H and I had to coax her with food and she was really wobbly/unsteady on her back end. I then woke with her barking about 3.30. H went down to check and she was sprawled on the floor and couldn't get up. I've been down, we put her in her bed with the other dog she shares with but she feels really warm and just not right, doesn't seem in pain but does seem distressed. So I'm now laying listening for her. 

We will both need to take the morning off to get her to the vet, she panics if you lift her so its a 2 person job. 

Other than that I'm approaching 25 weeks now, baby is dancing about as I speak. No appointments until GTT at 28 weeks now. 

Hope everyone else is still sleeping and I'd appreciate any get well Kukie vibes please :-( 


  • Morning lr.

    How worrying about your dog. I very much hope she makes a full and speedy recovery and there is something simple the vets can help with. On a different note did i imagine you saying you are buying anew out and about nipper and had seen a good offer on them online somewhere? It's the double I want and might treat myself to a new one....purple if baby is a girl! I wondered if you'd tell me where you'd seen the best deal?

    Afm first day of a 2 week half term. Swimming this morning and then soft play with a friend and her little boy this afternoon. Not much happening pregnancy wise, I really don't feel very pregnant at the moment!! Ligh movements most evenings but other than that and not sleeping well I feel normal. 16 week midwife on Friday but no scan date yet.

    Hope everyone has a good Monday.

  • Morning ladies,

    LR sorry to hear your dog is poorly, get well Kukie. Hope you get on ok at the vet xx

    AR, your day sounds good. I'm with you on the not feeling pregnant bit, if it wasn't for the bump I'd totally forget! Still getting the odd movement, can't wait for 20wk scan now to hear that all is ok -  still two and a half weeks away though! Still, it'll be here before I know it. Enjoy your two weeks off x

    Had a busy weekend here and I'm knackered this morning. We were out for dinner then to Lion King on Saturday night, got to bed about midnight, then up at 7 yesterday morning to go to a Christening an hour and a half away. Was lovely, an old friends daughter and we don't see them as often as we'd like so nice to be part of their day.  But both M and I fell asleep in the car on the way home! Poor H. Still tired this morning even after an early night, no stamina anymore ;)

    Today we are going to bookbug session in the library this morning then food shopping. Out for a walk this afternoon then M has ballet lesson later on. Next pregnancy related appointment is a week on Thursday, flu jab. Then scan the Thursday after, then midwife the following Thursday!

    Hope everyone else is well, hi to those on later x

    LR, let us know how you get on at vet

  • Oh LR, that sounds very worrying about your dog. Hopefully it's just a blip, maybe a virus or something? Labs are pretty sturdy on the whole, aren't they? Poor girl, hope she feels better very soon. Let us know.

    AR - is the sleeping not improving? Anything you can try to sort it? I've had a lot of awful, creepy bad dreams, is it insomnia for you?

    Weekender, glad the weekend was good! Good but busy, eh? You need a nap!

    My weekend was wonderful, I posted Saturday and then yesterday the 3 of us, and the dog, spent the whole day together, housework, console, cooking, walking. Just lovely. I got lots of sleep but am still exhausted. And haven't felt baby since Saturday night which is worrying me a bit but I know I mustn't let it. We had to push our 16 wk midwife appointment out to 31st, but no scan date yet. Still a while away I guess. I like to know far in advance because of making it fit as well as poss at work, and hubby's shifts.

  • Morning!

    LR that must be so awful and stressful :( sending your pup lots of vibes and hoping its good news at the vet.

    AR - yay for midterm break! Enjoy the first day of it!

    WE glad you had such a lovely weekend. Sounds like a few baby related appointments coming up for you!

    AFM The baby had been quiet for a couple of days which was starting to worry me but when I went to the toilet at 2am I must have woken bubs who lay there kicking for a bit. There's really no better feeling! Delivering training for the next couple of days so not sure l'll get back on.

    Hi to all who follow!

  • Counter I didn't get my letter with my scan appointment until after my 16w mw appointment, although she was able to check my records and tell me the appointment time. Your weekend sounds good!

    SP, glad baby is kicking away nicely hope work is good! X

  • Morning,

    LR- How worrying for you. Hope the vet can do something simple to help her recover quickly. Sending lots of vibes.

    AR- Sounds like another nice day planned. I am the same and dont really feel pregnant. Dont they give you your next scan date when you have the 12 week scan?

    Weekender- Glad you enjoyed your weekend. Another busy day for you.

    Counter- Glad you had a lovely weekend. try not tpo worry about feeling baby, still early yet.

    SP-Must be lovely feeling the baby, cant wait to get regular movements :)

    AFM- Had a busy weekend. Went westfield at Stratford shopping Saturday and then Ipswich to go to the new John lewis yesterday. Had a good look at prams and baby bits. Havent been sleeping well at all so I am nakered! If its not me getting up for a wee then its the cat meowing! Belly is getting bigger which is nice :)

  • Popping on briefly to say i hope *** is ok. Will go on comp later to reply to everyone x

  • Morning All

    LR - good luck with the Doggy hope she is ok

    WE- sounds like you've had a busy weekend

    counter - Glad you had a good weekend

    SP - glad the lickle one started kicking

    Bertie - sounds like you shopped til you dropped

    AFM - sorry i have not been about much had a manic few days, had friday off work and started the nursery the room was floor to ceiling with boxes but now actually looks like a nursery, i totally over did it though and i have pulled something in my tummy, baby hasnt moved much since friday i think i have  had one or two movements but not sure if thats me hopeing or actually baby, really started to worry me, we also bought a car so thats another thing off the list, my little run around gets traded in this week! then yesterday i was clearning out my car and when to put a bag of stuff in the garage and i slipped on the decking i stopped myself from fallnig but have made my tummy even worse! had a terrible nights sleep my hips are just so painful so today really is not a very good day!

  • Thanks everyone. CK - the pp and here won't let you type K u k for some reason.

    Well Ive pretty much cried since 4am, its looking slightly brighter now though. Vet thinks its a lumbar strain/sprain which is best case scenario. She's doped up on morphine, anti biotics and anti inflammatories. Managed to go do her business so that's a good sign. Now sparked out on the floor (quite literally!) and the rest should hopefully help. Fingers crossed vet is right and she starts to improve quickly. She's totally miserable, normally so full of beans.

  • Hi All,

    LR so sorry to hear about Kukie it's such a worry, glad that the vet is positive and she's getting some rest - sending lots of hugs and vibes xxx

    AR sounds like a lovely day and 2 weeks off woo hoo enjoy!

    Wow weekender can't believe you managed to squeeze all that in no wonder you were exhausted. Have you been feeling any movements yet? I still don't think I have and although the websites all say 18 - 20 weeks and I'm just over 17 I don't know if I should get in touch with the midwife??

    Counter glad you had a good time, we got our 20 week scan appointment there and then at the 12 week one so strange how everywhere is different - I'd give them a chase!

    SP have a good couple of days, lovely baby was having a kick but hopefully they'll start in the daytime more otherwise you may have a nightowl on your hands.

    Hi bertie have you found any prams you like? I quite like the Uppababy Vista but need to see it in real life and have H back before deciding.

    NLH sorry you're feeling rubbish, I'd give the midwife a call if you're worried it's likely nothing but worth a call to hoepfully put your mind at ease - and take it easy lady that's what the boys are for!

    AFM had my flu jab on saturday - was absolutely dreading it but it wasn't too bad really I just have a sore arm and slept for most of sunday - I was expecting to pretty much have the flu! Sickness is still here every morning and I was sick a few times on saturday afetrnoon/evening but seem to have perked up a bit today.Less than 3 weeks until H is home so starting to get really excited (although I am going to have to get the house back to some semblance of order)  and on Thursday night I'm hading down for a long weekend with my Mum to look at a few prams and narrow down the list so we can choose when H is here. xxx

  • Hello again, managed to make it back on to see who else had posted!

    Counter - defo don't worry at this stage re movements. I had a mini scare on Saturday night after feeling nothing since Friday morning and emailed a MW friend who said it was more than normal at this stage and most likely baby has rolled over and it's limbs are facing in the way. So that way if baby kicks it'll be in towards your uterus where you won't be feeling it rather than your tummy. Things were quiet for me for a couple of days but I just got such a boot in the tummy that I nearly jumped out of my skin with the fright! Ha ha!

    Bertie - that's lovely you are getting a baby tummy! the lack of sleep is rubbish isn't it?

    Hi CK!

    NLH - it's on thing after another for you isn't it? What a shame :( Have you spoken to your MW or GP? Might be worth a blether if you are still sore.

    LR that's a positive update and i'll keep my fingers and toes crossed that it is indeed a strain.

    Grif - I don't know how you manage without your H! You do so well. How long will he be home for? It must be soooo exciting and how lovely to have pram shopping etc all planned out so that you can do it together!

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