Monday 2nd tri**

Good morning you lovely lot

how are you all?

im 20 weeks today , that's really scary!

my moses, crib and pram arrived at the weekend! I have the carpet fitter coming on sat to carpet the nursery and we have all the furniture except the cot, so by Sunday it will look like a nursery! Very scary!!!



  • Morning

    Moonie- 20 weeks- that has gone quickly! Looks like you are getting organised with the nursery.

    We are back in the school routine today. Although I need to wake the 2 oldest kids! C is doing a full day at pre school today. He is very excited about bringing his lunch. I have my scan this afternoon and an appointment with my consultant. So, am hoping that baby has grown nicely. I think it should have as my bump has grown! Hopefully my UTI has disappeared too.

  • Good Morning ladies.

    Mon- 20 weeks, how fast has that gone?!  How lovely that your nursery will look like a nursery soon!

    S4- I hope baby has grown nicely, sounds as though they will have.

    AFM- back to work blues today.  I'm debating whether to call the dentist today as my tooth seems marginally better, I just don't know.  Baby wise, nothing to report.  I've ordered a doppler and I'm hoping that will arrive this week. Next scan is 3 weeks away which seems ages away.

  • Monnie-yay to 20weeks, you sound very organised too! Imp-hope the toothe carries on getting better. Yuck to work. S4 hope the appointment goes well. AFM back to proper routine this week although as I don't work Mondays I'm easing in gently! Swimming for p and I later, horses to so first then this afternoon we've not got plans. Baby is so wriggly, such huge kicks now! Can't believe im nearly 3rd tri, scary stuff!!!
  • S4- sending you lots of vibes for your appts today ! xxx

    Imp- let me know how you get on with the doppler, which one did you choose?

    AR-awww such big kicks must be lovely and reassuring, when does 3rd tri start ?

  • Monnie - you're so organised! Do you think time has gone quickly?

    S4 - hope all is good at the scan today, fingers crossed that the baby has been growing lots!

    Imp - hope your tooth is ok. Are you planning finding out the gender at the next scan?

    AR - not working Monday's must be lovely when everyone else hates them! 3rd tri is scary, I'm not sure when it actually is but guess I'll venture over this week...eek!

    Back to work today, the prospect of a full week is scary! I couldn't drag myself out of bed this morning so will be late...oh well! H starts his new job today so I was more focused on making sure he got out on time.

    Baby wise, she seems to have a couple of days where she moves lots, followed by a couple of quieter that normal? I think it's where she's moving position as I feel her on different places depending on how active she is. With this being the first time I've done it I don't have a clue about what's normal! I've also been getting quite breathless randomly (ie last night when I was trying to sleep), I'm guessing this is because everything inside is squashing up now, but again, I'm not really sure when I should worry about it?

    I have a midwife appointment next week, hopefully I get the one I had for my booking appointment and can ask her about all this, the others have been pretty useless so far!

  • flossy- i think the time has gone quickly and in some ways i think the next half will go slowly, but then i start panicking about money etc and i think it will fly by

  • Monnie - you are soooo organised. Well done, makes me feel inadequate lol. Congrats on halfway :)

    Good luck for your appt S4, fingers crossed for good results all round.

    Imp - I think it's a good idea to see the dentist, in case it flares right up again, you don't want a repeat :)

    AR - back on a Tuesday is always a good move!

    Flossy - I can have a day where I can't even remember if I've felt anything and other days where I wish he/she would chill out a bit and is up high, down low, to the side under my ribs! It sounds normal to me, but as usual, talk to MW if you're worried. And yes, a full week. It's going to HURT!!!

    AFM, I'm knackered, hubby was delayed home from work due to ferries, got in 3.30am and then I had 2 hours of trying to sleep. I almost rung in sick and thought I'd work from home but I figured there's going to be many, many more, tougher days so best I get on with it!!

  • Morning everyone.

    Monnie, wow, you are getting everything sorted. Yay to being halfway there, I think the last half will fly by.

    Section 4, good luck for the appt, hope everything goes well.

    Imp, sorry your tooth is still so sore, I'd call the dentist if it's only marginally better, but I'm a whinger!

    AR, enjoy swimming and the horses - what do you do now, presumably not riding with the late stage of pregnancy+spd...

    Flossy, boo to being back at work for a full week. The movement pattern sounds very similar to mine at the moment, but I'm only 19 weeks, and am hoping that by your stage I'll be feeling things a lot more consistently. Mention it to the midwife though.

    Counter, sorry you're having a rough morning, I hope it picks up and you manage to get an early night and lots of sleep this morning.

    AFM back at work too, it's still fairly quiet in the office though, so am being eased in a bit. Had a bit of an emotional morning this morning as J was ignoring me, only daddy will do, which makes me feel really crap and unappreciated. Daddy has been favourite for weeks now, I think it's because he lets him watch more tv than I do! Toddlers, who'd have one? Babywise nothing to report, haven't felt her properly for days now, so hopefully that's just a position thing. I did feel a couple of teeny movements yesterday, so she's still there, but I want big kicks!

  • AR- Nearly 3rd tri- exciting!  I feel like I'll never get there!

    Mon I have gone for the same one as MDD  had, it's called sonoline B.  I like the look of it as it has a digital display that show the heart rate so that you know it't is the babies.

    Flossy we're not going to find out the gender, C is dead against it and I quite like the idea of a surpise.  I hope the MW you see next week can help, being breathless sounds no fun.

    Counter I hope today goes fast for you and you can get home to bed early enough.

    SG- I hope you get those big kicks soon enough to reassure you.  I hope today is an easy day.

  • Flossy the breathlessness is normal.  It can get quite uncomfy and its usually worse when youre lying down. If you can prop yourself up a bit to sleep it will probably  be nicer. With movements they definitely feel different depemding on where baby is but you should be able to crrate movements by having an ice cold drink and lying dow, if youre worried on a quiet day try this and if no response or youre ever not sure then you must call mw/maternity unit asap. They are really good at reassuring you on movements and never take it lightly if youre worried

    counter I hope your day goes quickly. Sounds like you need an early night tonight.

    SG nope im not riding now but still have to muck out the stable etc. Its getting hard work but its good to keep active. You have my sympathy re toddlers being hard work, I know how you feel!!!

  • Omg Monnie, you've got so much done!  I had grand plans of getting loads in the after Christmas sales, but since we still haven't moved house and probably won't before the end of jam there's been no point :(. Have you had your anomaly scan yet?  I've been so absent lately I could easily have missed it!

    S4, good luck on the scan!

    Imp, I think I must have missed the bit about your tooth, but I'd call the dentist.  It can't hurt to have it looked at and it's all free anyways.

    AR, I'm jealous of your kicks, I've still got nothing!

    Flossy, if you're feeling anxious about anything, ask the midwife, it's what they're there for, isn't it?  I have no idea what's normal either, and it seems like ever ting is a question.  

    Counter, I hope your day isn't all that bad.

    SG, when are you supposed to start feeling the big kicks?  I thought it was just flutters and bubbles until well after 20 weeks?  So clueless here.

    AFM, I'm at home today with Wispa, enjoying a relaxing day after a hellish week of working with families at the museum.  I say hellish, but it wasn't really, just super busy and very tiring.  Ant had ignored the post man ringing the bell on Sat when I was at work so missed a parcel arriving from polarn o pylet of stuff I ordered in the sale.  I've just picked it up from the sorting office and It's all so adorable I could just cry.  I got things I could imagine dressing either a little boy or girl in, as I don't mind putting a 2 month old boy Ina. Onesie with pink puppies on it, or an orange, pink, and green striped romper, even though they were in the baby girl section.  And I wouldn't balk at putting a girl in a blue onesie, either.  I think I should hold off on buying any more fora. While, though, as I'm sure we will get stuff as gifts, and there are other more important things we need :)

  • Wispa they are very cute! I love the orange stripey onesie, and I adore turquoise as a baby colour!

    Oh, you made me do it! Here's my favourite outfit we've got for Baxter so far:

  • Wispa, I think we got that striped one the other day! They have some really cute stuff, I had to force myself to only buy two bits!

    Thanks ladies. I might give the midwife a call. To be honest the midwife service I've had so far has been so rushed and brief it's made me feel a bit like I'd be wasting their time (eventhough I know that shouldn't bother me!). I've been seen at two different places so far, and by different midwives each time. The last appointment was literally 5 minutes and she talked all the way through so there wasn't even an opportunity for me to ask anything. It makes me a bit hesitant about contacting them as I've felt like they've been so disinterested. I know I should get over that, I might try and give them a call today, even if it's just for reassurance.

    AR - the breathlessness is definitely worse when I'm lying down so will try propping myself up tonight. I read somewhere that it can be a sign of low iron, not sure how true that is? I have my 28-week blood tests next week so I assume they'll check the iron then.

  • Oh Flossy. Don't be afraid to sit tight and ask your questions. I know it's easier said than done but don't leave until you're ready to, until have some reassurance/answer. Either that or - depending on your area's provisions - you could ring for a chat at the midwife HQ. It would just be the on-call midwife but you could talk to him/her, and see what they say and if they're more informative... Just an idea :)

  • Flossy iron is a component of red blood cells which carry oxygen. So I guess low iron would mean your blood wasn't carrying oxygen as efficiently, which could well leave you breathless. I'd imagine that'd be fairly constant though. Given it's especially bad when you lay down it's more likely to be baby moving up and your lungs having less room to expand. They will check iron at your 28week bloods though. As counter says don't leave until you've asked your questions....
  • ....but they are there to see you so don't be pushed out. On your notes you should have a list of numbers including one for urgent calls. Worries about movement count as urgent, sometimes that's the delivery unit or maternity triage. Don't ever feel like you're wasting their time. I've been told so many times by various mw's they'd rather check a million nothings than miss anything because aomeone was worried about calling. X
  • Hi all!  1st time I've been able to get on here in a while cos of people sitting behind me at work!  Can't do personals as I'm typing this between screen minimising!

    Hope everyone is faring well :)

    AFM started feeling movements just before xmas but hardly anything but now they are fluttering pretty regularly and are taking some getting used to!  Nothing else to report other than i started buying lottle bits such as bibs and scratch mittens at the weekend which has made things seem a bit more real!

  • Hi VT - those darned share offices! Enjoy the movements, it's all a bit freaky at first isn't it?! :)

  • Flossy, I hope you get your answers.  The others are right though, don't let yourself get pushed out.

    Counter, that's a cute outfit, too.  

  • wispa, iv got my scan next friday but we had a gender scan and are expecting a little princess !

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