monday 3rd tri

Hi ladies, hope your all having fab bank holiday weekends. Congratulations to daisy and Boris on your BAs.

Well H has just brought me breakfast in bed. Then i suppose i had better get a move on and get ready. My grandparents are paying us a visit today, we normally travel to them, so not sure what the reason for the visit is. Im sure we will soon find out. Then i think we will just be chilling before H is back to work tomorrow.

What are everyones plans for today?


  • Ooh, have I missed Boris' BA?

    Congrats to Daisy!

    Have fun with your grandparents MS.

    Not much planned today, H has karting this afternoon but that should coincide with A's nap so I'll be catching up in CBB hopefully! Pretty much finished sorting stuff for baby yesterday, everything put away in size order in drawers, crib built, toys sorted. Just need to finish the hospital bag and pack a bag for A (he'll likely go stay with my mum for a night at least).

    Just need to keep this baby in until Sunday at the earliest now.

    BG 37+3

  • Morning all

    I cant find Boris' BA :(

    MS- have a lovely day with your grandparents :)

    BG - have fun catching up on cbb :) hubby turned it off the first night so I didnt get to see lol

    AFM - Still here woke up with a fantastic headache this morning which ran right at the back of my right eye, its going off now ive had my frosties. Hubby in work, got to go the shops when he gets home and then going for a meal with the family for my sisters birthday :) Hi to all who follow xxx

  • Hi Ladies, was pleased to see Daisy's BA this morning. Hope she is doing ok.

    MS, hope you have a nice day with your grandparents-maybe they didn't want you to have to travel?

    BG, well done for getting organised. We seemed to have lots to do which hasn't been helped by us being away this weekend. Big things for us are finishing painting the nursery and building the cot (which includes finding all the pieces)!!  I too am hoping baby stays in until September, i don't want another August baby. I forgot to give you my dates for the leader board, 26th Sept :)

    We are off to beach in a mo, apparently Grandad is getting buried in the sand. Not sure if he knows that yet!!  Hopefully we won't get caught up in too much bank holiday traffic on the way home so we can get on with some more painting-see above!!

    Howdy to all that follow,



  • Sorry Luna, missed you-enjoy your birthday meal. Hope the headache is gone soon!

  • Thanks noggin have a lovely day at the beach x

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