more bedtime dilemmas from me!

Hello, I'm here again! E has learnt she can get out of bed! Last night I spent an hour just putting her back into bed and tonight seems to be going the same way. 

I'm attempting to do it the supernanny rapid return kind of way but I don't know if she's too young for this? At the moment she just seems to think getting out of bed is a game. I don't know whether to stay in the room with her and keep putting her back to bed or to leave the room. At the moment me leaving the room just seemed to add to the game for her. I'm so confused as to what to do for the best!

Has anyone got any tips or advice please or is it just a case of riding it out till the novelty wears off?


  • I have watched a few super nannys show akways no talking and leave the room after you put her to bed is what she normally suggest s I hope she settkes for you soon, keep strong x

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