mountain buggy- second hand ** update with photos**

I'm looking at getting one of these second hand. I'm in conversation on fb with a lady selling one who has described the seat as well worn. I'm waiting for photos to look at but I just wondered if you can wash the seat?

I think it's a good price but I'd be interested in hearing what the going rate is. it's an Urban Elite.

Also is there anything else I should look out for?


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  • Can you view it before buying?

  • yes, I'm going to view it. I just want to be prepared. If it's mud and will wash off then that's fine. But if it's torn and broken fabric then I'll avoid buying it.

  • We used to have a mountain buggy duet and you could strip the seat off it (you had to do it in order to put a car seat on) so I would have said you could wash it. We also put a lambs fleece thing in the seat anyway so it was more snuggly!

  • Not heard of the Urban Elite - is it an older model?  The seat on my Urban Jungle is really durable and tough quality material - I would wash it by scrubbing with a cloth I think.

    Generally I have found mine to be really tough and well built - I would surprised if there was too much wear and tear and there is anything that particularly springs to mind to worry about.

    One thing to be aware of is that MB have recently updated many of their models and so if you need spare parts for pre-2013 models you may struggle if they are bits they have changed (although you will probably be able to get things second hand).

  • If its just faded and old you could put a liner on, but I'd avoid if the fabric looks past it. When are you viewing?

  • Meant to say that the seat comes off completely from the frame which makes it easier to clean.

  • michy-lou

    If its just faded and old you could put a liner on, but I'd avoid if the fabric looks past it. When are you viewing?

    probably Friday.

    I did consider a liner. I have a fleece one already (not MB brand) and a Maclaren.

    Also need to check the hood structure...

    She was originally selling just the frame and carry cot, so I asked 'why no seat?' and she said it was in very used condition. I obviously don't need the carry cot and have been looking all summer for a MB to pick up locally. She is offering it for only £40 so I think I could put up with some grubby marks for that price, especially as it's only for occasional use.


    what do you all think???

  • Alocin thanks for the advice. I've just found a review that says it's a 2008 model.

    Do you know if you can buy generic 3 wheeler rain covers?

  • Is that last photo the outside of the hood? Looks not bad to me

  • yes. I think it's the hood. It looks like it still functions as a hood as it's open in one of the photos.

    £40 is a good deal?

  • I'd offer £30 - she may say no but you can only try!

    She might agree on £35 so still a bargain.

  • You can easily stitch that back up to stop the rod from poking through, I'd offer slightly lower too and see what she says.

  • I was thinking too that you could probably stitch it. It does look quite worn but think it's ok for £40. Depends on whether you are happy with it though really xx

  • Also to answer one of your earlier questions, you can get generic rain covers for 3 wheelers x

  • Thanks to everyone who looked at the photos. I've arranged to go and view it. I don't think I'm that bothered about the condition as it's only an interim pushchair as Luke will probably only get 6-12 months out of it. As long as the tyres and frame are safe I think £40 is good value considering what they retail for new.

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