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We got the tommee tippee 3 in 1 monitor with sound, video and movement pad.
I have not set the pad up. A is 3 weeks old. Half of me worries to the point of tears on occasion about her at night. Just for 10 mins or so as im falling asleep.
I think the movement thingy might make me worse. More paranoid and unwilling to give it up when the time comes . I've also read they have actually made no difference to sids levels.


  • We have an angelcare monitor and still use the sensor pad now and p is 21 months. To me it was/is very reassuring and I have never really understood why anyone would use one when they are available. You have to know what to do if baby was to stop breathing though, for then to be any use. I did a baby first aid kit at a local sure start centre which I found made me feel more confident in general. Perhaps this is something to look into? It is normal to worry about them though.
  • Would not use one that should say! Ha!!
  • Baby first aid course not kit! Argh I'm clear still asleep, sorry!!
  • I have the angel care !movement monitor and for me it gave me peace of mind. I'd have the tick on the parent unit so i knew it was always on and working and if i woke in the night at all hearing it gave me reassurance that she was OK without having to get up and put my hand on her. She's 17 months now and in her own room and I have a video monitor for her, again which is on all night so if I wake I can see her without going in and disturbing her. I think it depends on What type of person you are -:me, I'm that annoying needy type that needs reassurance all the time! Maybe you could set it up and see how you get on - if its making you worse then just don't turn it on!

  • We had the same monitor but without video.

    No they don't reduce sids. Sids is sudden death.  It'd have to have happened before the monitor would make you aware. A lot of people say that they'd want to know immediately but that never bought me comfort. Having baby right next to you is the best thing you can do IMO so take comfort in that. I never let E nap anywhere I wasn't for the first six months as that was the only way I could get around the paranoia.

    We eventually ditched the monitor when ee moved to the cot.  E is a very active sleeper and the pad would often not pick her movement for breathing up as she'd crammed herself somewhere. The final straw came when she put her hand down the side of the cot,  grabbed the wire,  which thankfully pulled the monitor off the drawers waking me up. Never been in since and I'd never use one again.

  • No they don't reduce SIDS levels, BUT they alert you if something is wrong. I'd rather know as soon as possible to have a Chance of doing first aid/calling an ambulance than wait and find out in the morning when it's too late. Morbid but true

  • Put simply for me it meant I could potentially try to save my baby should they stop breathing. That is personally a priceless bit of equipment. Even following guidelines doesn't totally stop a tragic event happening but I loved the reassurance it gave me and never made me more anxious.  We experienced our baby going grey/blue when he stopped breathing whilst his dad held him after the birth and I was terrified the same would happen again.  The angelcare monitors are totally safe in relation to the wire if fitted correctly and you can also get a cable guard to prevent the likes of what LM experienced with her TT.  Perhaps the TT one has similar. I can't imagine wakening up to find something bad had happened but think id always be saying 'if only I knew sooner' and the monitor brings me the reassurance to stop be concerned about that.  

  • Ps I know a few people have trouble with the alarm going off unnecessarily hooch iv never had in 10 months, but better a false alarm than not having it and needing it?

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