Movement monitoring

I'm *not* having an issue with movements, but due to Harry's deterioration in the womb I do think about this from time to time and I know from other threads it crops up quite regularly.

I chatted with my MW about movement (lack of) being something I could use as reassurance in the latter weeks. What really surprised me is she advised 10 movements a day as sufficient. Not 10 episodes of movements, a kick then a kick is 2 movements. So you could have ten movements in five minutes, and no other movements for 23hrs 55mins and that should be 'fine'.

I definitely would react to lack of movements way before it got to that, we had 3 quiet days last week that I kept a close eye on. What seems sensible to me is the 'significant change in patterns of movement' advice I've read online. 

Just wondered what advice others have been a given or what their experiences are.


  • Advice both pregnancies for me has never been to so with numbers. It's always being to try and notice patterns and call if there is any change from the norm. Patterns do change over the pregnancy but not usually over night. I have always been told that they are happy to check a million worries about nothing in order to not miss something.
  • Yes I was told similar but that doesn't seem right to me.

    I think you go off what is normal for your baby. You know how strong and frequent their movements are so know if something's wrong.

    In my first pregnancy I went into hospital to get checked twice because I'd felt reduced movements. Both times baby decided to start dancing about as soon as I got on the monitor but both times the mw's were fab and told me they would much rather me come in multiple times than not and something be wrong. I felt bad for wasting their time but they were really good about assuring me they much prefer someone to come in than not and then the worst happens.

    In my second pregnancy I was in a different hospital and went once for reduced movements and got the same response.

    I don't think they will turn you away even if you've had over ten movements but are worried- they know that the mother knows what feels normal

  • Agree with the others, I went in for monitoring with C when I had periods when he wasnt kicking when he usually would have and cold water, sugary snacks, coffee wasn't getting him moving. I went in twice. Both times he kicked as soon as monitor went on but I was reassured and they were happy for me to have gone in when I did. They said that I knew him best so if I was concerned they'd rather check.

  • I've wondered this as I think my baby is definitely on the quiet side so it's been difficult to work out normal from worrying. I've mentioned it to the midwife on every visit that I think she's on the quiet side, in case it's something that could indicate any other problems.

    I was told ten movements in 12 hours. It's strange how much advice seems to differ. I definitely go more by her patterns than number of movements.

    I've been in for monitoring once and found the midwives to be great, having been once I think I'd definitely feel more comfortable going back.

  • According to the Count the Kicks website:

    There is a common misconception that you should be feeling 10 kicks over a set period, this is no longer recommended as all babies are different. You can find out more here about the origins of ‘count to ten’ and why it is not used. Baby’s movements can vary from 4 to over 100 every hour so counting to 10 kicks would be irrelevant for most of the population. It is important to know what is normal for your baby and report any change in that. Read more about your baby’s movements week by week

  • I went in for assessment today because I thought baby was being too quiet, and the midwife told me that if your baby normally kicks up a storm at certain times of day and then either suddenly or over the course of a day that decreases, you should always pop in to be monitored.  If you wait too long and there is. Problem, there's very little that can be done.  Problems that cause decreased movements can be very serious, so it's very much a better safe than sorry attitude they have,

    Even though during the course of being monitored there were some movements, because I have noticed a marked change in the strength and amount of movements felt the past day or two she has referred me for a scan as well.   I asked about the 10 movements thing and mentioned I'd heard different things about it and she said they don't recommend that anymore but rather than you pay attention to the normal pattern and rhythm of your baby and if you notice a change to seek help.

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