Movements, When did you first feel yours?

I am dying to feel some movements, when did you first start feeling your baby?


  • I think it was 18+1 and felt like popcorn!

  • Im 18 weeks today and 'think' I have felt little flutters but not sure - waiting for that big movement that I can't ignore!! I think with my 1st pregnancy it was around 19 weeks.

  • I was 19 weeks when I could think 'that was definitely the baby'. Before then I felt the odd thing but couldn't be sure.

  • I was 18 weeks when i realised what i was feeling was baby.  H felt baby move on Christmas eve when i was 19 or 20 weeks.

  • Definitely at 21 weeks.

    I felt what i thought was wind for a couple of weeks beforehand and in hindsight i think that was the baby but i got a definite kick at 21 weeks! My placenta is at the front so it was probably later than usual for me!

  • thanks girls, at least it gives me some idea - i think i have been feeling things but not sure if its baby, at what point did you get a definite kick big enough for your partners to feel?

  • I was 18 weeks with the first definite 'Ooh! that flutter was the baby'. This time around I've convinced myself I've felt it already, twice, whilst lying super-still in bed in the evening, but I doubt myself muchly as all the textbooks say it's much later  :)

  • I was early around the 15-17 week mark I could feel popping H couldn't feel/ see kicks etc until gone 20 weeks

  • I was 17 weeks, it felt like a little swoop in my belly, a bit like when you go down in a lift but more subtle. It was another week or so before I felt anything more definite. I think it was about three weeks later when H felt it for the first time, so about 20-ish weeks.

  • 26 weeks but I have an anterior placenta. H felt the first kick last night at 29 weeks.

  • 18 weeks with Isla around 21 weeks this time around

  • I was 17 weeks with P but H couldn't feel them until about 23 weeks. This time i'm 11 weeks and have had the odd familiar popping already but i'm not100% sure it's baby as its very early!

  • 16 weeks with first, but didn't realise it b/c they were so feint it felt like little bubbles.  with second baby it was 14 weeks

  • bubbles/pops about 17 weeks

    full kicks 20 weeks

  • Looking back probably around 16/17 weeks but when I knew it was DEFINITELY baby was around 20 weeks. H first felt kicks around the 23/24 week mark.

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