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So H is approaching 6 months and once the new carpet has gone down in his room on Monday there is no reason not to move him....except, I'm stupidly nervous about it.  He's going to be on a different floor to us which means he'll have to deal with his big brother stomping around when he's trying to go off to sleep at bedtime.  We have a nice little bedtime routine at the moment and he settles well most of the time.   I'm worried the move is going to mess it all up.  He's already in his cot so it's only moving to another room to deal with which I'm hoping will help.  Any positive stories to share please???


  • If you don't want to move him yet then I wouldn't! :). I moved all my boys at around 10 months because I wasn't ready before then lol.  They all barely seemed to notice the move though so I'm sure he'll be absolutely fine if you do move him x

  • B moved at 7 months as H was away and I didn't get the room finished in time lol. All went well, no problems with him settling at all. I was ready by then too.

    If you aren't ready, then wait :)

  • If you're not ready then don't do it. L was nearer 12 months before I moved him. Mostly because he was still up loads during the night so seemed pointless for me to walk further to get him.

  • We're waiting till seven months because H has a week off work so can help out with wakings if its a nightmare. I'm not looking forward to it either, but tbh I can't imagine ever being ready so I'm just going to bite the bullet! So will be watching this one with interest.

  • I'm like you MrsB - as much as I'd love to move A to his own room, I can't imagine him not being in the cot beside me!!

    What do you do about night feeds though?  A is meant to be moving to his own room at the end of the month once my cousin has visited and we have all the rooms free again - he'll be 7 months, but at the moment is still feeding 2 during the night?  Do you have the monitor in the room with you so you can hear them, or do you expect them to sleep through?

  • We moved b at about 6.5 months, I cried the first night as I missed him, but he'd outgrown the crib. As he moved into a cot he wriggled all over the place and his sleeping through went to pot, which wasn't fun! If you're not ready wait, there's no rush

  • Thanks ladies.  I think I am ready, I'm quite looking forward to having our bedroom back (although possibly not for the same reasons as my H!!).  I'm just worried it's going to mess things up, but it sounds like most of your LOs moved without any problems so fingers crossed he'll be the same.  We've just started weaning and I'm currently swapping breastfeeds for bottle feeds so it feels like there's a lot going on in his little world.

    SC - I will have the monitor in our room I think as we will be on a different floor.  He doesn't feed during the night anymore, but I will probably spend the first few nights lying in bed with it pressed up against my ear listening to him breathe!  How far away will A be?  With big H we didn't have a monitor in our room as his bedroom was so close we could pretty much hear him breathe.

  • How did you get him to stop feeding through the night?!  I'm so jealous.  A is currently going down at 7pm, then usually feeding about midnight, then at 5.  Although last night he slept from 8pm to 4.30am, then refused to go back down!  I've been working on self-settling with him for the last three weeks, so he also wakes up inbetween those times, but settles himself.

    He's will only be two rooms along from us, but it's an old farm cottage so the walls are really thick and you can't hear anything.

  • I think it was luck more than anything SC!  I do follow a routine so maybe that has helped.  Sounds like A is getting there, am sure it won't be long before he pushes that 5am feed to 6 or 7.   Good luck with your move!

  • We moved E at 28/9 weeks IIRC and all was fine.. She slept through the first night, and we only really get "up and downs" when she is ill/teething. She was sleeping very poorly in our room, as I was constantly disturbing her, and the "last straw" was when I had a cough and kept waking her, then we decided it was in her best interest, although I hated it.

    Smashed crab - E had stopped night feeds when we moved her, other than the odd one during a GS/when she'd refused the bedtime bottle etc. We'd had about 3 months of no feeding before we moved. She did sleep better in there, but all night perhaps would be a bit of a high expectation I recon? We have a monitor, but don't need it. I can hear E roll over, stir etc let alone scream. She sleeps on the adjoining wall though.. So we're against it in our room, and her in the next room against the same wall.

  • We moved at 7 months, she was fine, I didn't sleep the first night and kept checking the monitor was working even though she was in the room next to us! She was fine x

  • Thanks ladies for the positive stories, much appreciated. I'm sure he will be fine, the thought of these things is often worse than the reality....I hope so anyway!

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