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Moving to own room when space is not an issue

We have a cot in our room and his cotbed in his own room. He's still in with us at 7.5 months and if I'm honest I have no plains to move him. I like having him with us, he sleeps well and so do we.

But will I be making it harder for myself to move him when he's older and more aware of it and will miss us being around?

I was tempted to move him last week as his room has been cooler on these hot nights but I just couldn't bring myself to do it!

When did/would you move if the space was not an issue?


  • Space wasn't the issue for us, he was in the cot he's in now from day 1, it was just in our room. We moved at just over 7 months, I was happy for him to stay with us, especially as he was still feeding once or twice a night, but it was a compromise with H.

  • I moved when he was sleeping through, maybe 7 or 8 months can't remember. This time S will be sharing a room with J so will stay with us till he is consistently sleeping through, . I can see him being with us til a year or so

  • We had the cot bed in our room as we have a big bedroom and she outgrew the Moses basket at 4 months. She'd been sleeping through perfectly for ages. I'd told H about SIDS guidelines and that even though she slept through she had to stay with us until six months.

    At about 6 and a half months H said it was time to move her. I would have happily kept her with us as loved seeing her little face in the morning, but knew he was right as if we didn't move her when would we? I missed her like mad but she wasn't bothered at all about the move :(

    I'm pleased H pushed me though otherwise she'd still be with us now!!

    With number two we will do the same. But as she'll be going into W's room with her we will only move her at 6 months if she's sleeping through. If not she will stay in ours

  • H is dead against moving him, I think because he works until late he'd really miss him if he wasn't in with us. He sleeps through now so I'm tempted but im not sure. I'd happily keep him with us if he would move well later on but don't want it to be a big deal for him.

  • I hope I've not offended with my post earlier.  As I said there, I felt much like you and put it off and absolutely yes have made it harder for myself because we're in the initial settling period and E has learnt to pull herself up on the bars and crawl and it's all she wants to do,  I'm only talking a huge difference on two weeks though. At 26 weeks she'd have lay rolling but not climbing.. I was also aware of the eight month separation anxiety onset,  and again I've just read in week 29-30 on my wonder weeks they are more aware of the space between you and then so was glad we did it at 28 weeks.

    Slave was an issue in our room but I couldn't move her, I'm so keen on sids id have moved in with her first haha.  I started with daytime naps apart from me at the same time too so if you aren't keen on bedtime can you / do you do that?

  • Well I think if you don't want to move him, why move him? I know this is coming from a hippy co-sleeper but seriously, if you are all happy then I really don't get the need to move him. Yes move him if you WANT to or if you are disturbing each other but it sounds like you are all three happy with your situation.

    He has been in the world less time than he was in your tummy. He is still so tiny. Keep him in with you if that is what you want. I have no plans to move A for a while yet other than daytime naps.

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