Munchkin travel booster seat

Anyone used? Are they any good? Would they be ok for a 6 month old whose good at sitting up unaided?

wonderibg about buying one for when there's no highchair 


  • I have these but not sure if it's the munchkin brand or not, I thought they were for 12 months onward? I'm a childminder and have used one for a 1 yr old before but my nephew is 1.5 yrs and I wouldn't put him in one yet so I guess it does depend on the child. I definitely wouldn't put a 6 mth old in mine but the munchkin one might be different!

  • We've got this one for E

    It's fab!  I've also a gro harness but I can't see how/when I'd need it so it's on eBay.  The plastic one currently on holiday with us and comes to restaurants and family etc.

  • We've got one, it's fab. We use it all the time instead of a highchair. And great for being able to take with us easily. Comes with a pocket to store stuff too.

    We used a plastic booster seat at a friends once and I didn't like it. This one seems to sit much better.  Definitely worth it.  

  • Thank you, I've bought one so hopefully it will come in handy as we are often visiting friends who don't have highchairs etc.

    Thank you!

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