My birth story (long but there are pictures)

Firstly, thank you so much for the messages and congratuations on my BA, sorry I've done a bit of a disappearing act, feel like I've not stopped since bringing Maddie home! My mum helped us out for a couple of days but it's just been the two of us for a week now. I picked up a bit of an infection as well so not been feeling great but I'm feeling much better now and /maddie is much more settled.

My birth story is a bit epic but I wrote it for me, feel free to scroll down to the pics!!

24th December 2013, I was leaving Sainsburys when I felt a pop and a trickle, thought my waters might have gone so I rang the hospital. They asked me to go in to be checked and monitored for a while. Went in and they said there was a lot of fluid but it looked as though my waters were intact. They swabbed for infection and monitored baby for half an hour. In that time I had three really strong Braxton Hicks that actually showed up on the monitor trace. I was starting to get excited that things might be starting

25th December 2013, was getting Braxton Hicks all day anywhere between 5 and 10 minutes apart, really thought that by Boxing Day I would be in labour.

26th December 2013 the Braxton Hicks had eased off when I woke up and were really irregular but still coming all day. This carried on until the 30th December and a lot were strong enough to keep me from sleeping L by the 30th I was feeling really tired.

30th December, was still getting Braxton Hicks and still irregular but by the afternoon they were quite painful and were anywhere between 2 and 8 minutes apart. I called the MLU who said to go and have a bath, 2 paracetamol and phone back in an hour or two. I went off and had a bath but the pains kept coming all the time. By half four I was gritting my teeth through the contractions and when I rang the hospital back they asked me to go in to be checked out. Got to the hospital at about half 5 but when they checked me I was only 2cm dilated. The midwife was lovely and told me she was doing a stretch and sweep at the same time to encourage things but I should still expect it to be a few days yet! Unfortunately, when she put the Doppler against my bump it sounded like the heart was missing a beat. They hooked me up to the CTG but because baby wouldn’t keep still the trace kept being lost, I ended up being on the monitor for two hours so they could get 20 minutes of trace! The registrar came to check the trace as well and when he was happy I was sent home to wait it out. As it was just after half 8 by this point and we hadn’t eaten, my mum took me and my cousin to McDonalds then took her home to get some sleep.

Mum came back to my house with me in case I needed anything in the night. As it was, the contractions just kept coming but still weren’t regular, I would get two or three right on top of each other, then a break of about 10 minutes. At 345 I was suddenly hit with a massive wave of nausea and only just made it to the bathroom before I was very sick. It was a horrible experience being sick and contracting at the same time and just to add to the tmi I think at that point I lost control of my bladder a bit as every muscle was squeezed. At this point I realised I’d had four contractions in the previous 10 minutes. I rang the mlu who said to go back in and rang my cousin to say we would pick her up on the way. I live 5 minutes from the hospital but trying to get changed while contracting then walk up the road to my mums car made things interesting and it was an hour later nearly when we finally arrived. They took me through to a labour room and checked me again. I was at 4cm so would be staying in until I had the baby now!!

I had wanted a water birth


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