My birth story at last!

Right…my little man is 4 weeks old tomorrow so I figured its time I wrote my birth story down before I forgot it all!


So….rewind to 11 days overdue and my apt with the MW to attempt a sweep (sweep number one was not favourable as my cervix was still firmly closed)….. MW felt my bump and announced that she thought baby had gone breech…so she sent me up to hospital there and then to get a scan to check it out….so off we go to hospital….midwife examines me and says no baby isn’t breech but to wait and she will get me scanned just in case…. Doctor confirmed baby isn’t breech but is also not engaged… they book me in for induction the next day….

So Sunday 2nd June and we are at hospital waiting for induction…first pessary of gel is given at 11 am and we are told to go off and walk about for a few hours…me and H met my parents in town and had lunch…we then went back to the hospital and I was put on the monitor for an hour…it showed tightening’s but I wasn’t feeling anything at this stage..we were sent off for another walk and told to come back at 5 unless anything else happened…so off we go walking again…back at 5 to be put on the monitor where they say that tightening’s are stronger so they daren’t put another pessary in in case it ramps things up too quickly….over the next couple of hours I started to feel period type pains and at 9.30pm I announced to H that I need the toilet…only to realise that I can’t get there and my waters went….I then make my way to the toilet with my waters going everywhere! Oh how undignified!

So I’m examined again and I’m 1cm dilated!...and they send H home….I then have a night of contracting every five minutes all alone...I have to say this was the loneliest night of my whole life….the midwifes were far too busy to be with me…and H wasn’t allowed to return to the ward until 11am the next day…unless of course things ramped up….I was given paracetamol and attempted sleep but got none….they ran me a lavender bath at 3am which didn’t really help with the pain….

Fast forward to 11am Monday 3rd June…H comes back and I am so glad to see him. By this time contractions have slowed down to about every ten minutes and the Doctor tells me that they are going to get me over to the labour ward as soon as possible to get me on the hormone drip to get things going as my waters had now been gone for over 12 hours….

So we wait….and we wait…and we wait….it seems the labour ward is too busy and I didn’t get taken over until 8pm that evening…..

So cannula inserted and by this time I have had two days with no sleep and I’m absolutely exhausted….they examined me and I’m still only 1-2 cm dilated….and I think it could be a while!

Anyway..before I know it I am sucking on gas and air like my life depends on it and the drip is being turned up until I’m having 4 contractions every 10 minutes….im bouncing on the ball and H is rubbing my back through every contraction..he was amazing! The doctor is spending a lot of time in the room monitoring me as every contraction I have and little man’s heart rate is dropping….

So now comes my obsession with poo! I was convinced I needed to poo….so the MW gets me across the corridor with my drip…minus the gas and air….and I get stuck contracting on the toilet…my legs were like jelly! Somehow I get back to the room and she convinces me to discuss epidural with the doctor as she i



  • My goodness bexy! What a story! Well done you for getting through it! Henry Is just Gorgeous! I can relate to the breastfeedingproblems! W wouldn't latch properly and tore my nipples making it very difficult to feed him and I cried for days over giving him formula, but as it goes, it was the right decision to make and I'm now just about to stop BF completely as he goes less than an hour on a feed from me. Congratulations again to you and your H on the arrival of Henry! Xxx

  • Thanks Hun... Sounds like you have had a tough time of it.. I admire you for managing for so long.,, x

  • I'm so pleased to read that you're doing so well now and well done to Henry on his weight gain! They don't stay wee for long do they?  How is his sleeping/ eating pattern?

  • Seem to be a lot  of long labours recently. Well done you xx Henry is beautiful, love his big eyes! X

  • Rkb.. Not bad.. He seems to eat every 2-3 hours during the day then we get a 4-5 hour stretch at night followed by another 3-4 hour one... So all in all not bad.. He is pretty alert during the day but is happy laying on his play mat or in his bouncy chair for a while... X

    Ck.. Thanks x

  • Thanks for sharing, I sympathise with the long labour. You did amazing to go through that just on the gas and air! H is gorgeous! Sounds like you are now in a good routine and you should not feel guilty in any way for moving to formula. You are doing a fab job! x

  • Thanks ferbs... Hope your all doing well x

  • Blimey, you must've been exhausted! So pleased all was well in the end. He's gorgeous

  • Wow, another epic one! Glad it turned out ok.

  • Thanks ladies..can't believe it's 4 weeks ago already

  • Thanks for sharing bexy, what a dramatic entrance Henry made, so glad all was ok. He is beautiful!

  • Your little man is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing your story, so glad all was okay in the end x

  • You mut have been exhausted!

    He's such a curtie, those eyes are going to break a lot of hearts!

  • Gosh it sounds exhausting for you! Thank you for sharing. He's so gorgeous, congratulations x

  • Ah thank you all....I think he is yummy but I know im biased! x

  • Wow how you had energy at the end to push i don't know! Congratulations, he's lovely xx

  • He is lovely. Glad you got the birth you wanted in the end x

  • He is beautiful and well done you x

  • Wow, sounds like a real ordeal!!! He is gorgeous though so definitely worth it x

  • what a story. sounds very much like how my first labour would have been, if it had continued, i ended up having a c section but her heartrate was dropping also becuase the cord was round her neck. scary stuff. He is a little cutie!!

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