My son as big brother :)

Just a silly thing.

My son is 17. He's not had it easy for various reasons, and it's a constant source of heartache for him that, despite being 2 miles away he's not ALLOWED to see his dad's kids, his half-siblings.

So he's been really excited about little one coming along. He adores my husband, we all hang out together a fair bit and he wants to be a hands-on brother. He asked me how long I would be breastfeeding for, and whether anyone would mind if he got quite involved in helping to feed once we introduce bottles, he'd like to do regular feeds and winding etc. He seemed so sincere and I assumed it was all tied up with being rejected by his dad & co. I said he absolutely could help, I'd love it and that it was really nice of him. He replied: 'good, because we're studying attachment in Psychology this term and I wanted to test it out'. I read that situation so wrong!!

I might allocate him all the 3am feeds as revenge Laugh


  • Haha! At least he's taking his studies seriously...but I reckon he'll be a fab big brother regardless, you sound like a close family unit :-)

  • Aww he sounds amazing. My friend is 31 with a 15 year old brother, so a similar age gap. They have a lovely relationship. She takes him on days out , he sleeps over at her house, she buys him extra bits their patents can't afford like nice trainers etc. I think your baby is very lucky to have such a mature and loving big brother

  • Parents not patents !

  • It did make me laugh!

    JT, that sounds so lovely for both your friend and her brother. A really great bond, different to traditional siblings but special too. My son is talking about attending a local uni instead of going away, primarily because he doesn't want to miss too much of baby's development. I've advised him to reserve judgement as if the baby's a real screamer we might all wish we had the chance to move away!

  • Ah he sounds like he will be a fab big brother as well as a dedicated student!

  • Bless him. Perhaps the studies makes a good excuse - he probably can't wait to help out but boys being boys never like to admit that stuff, do they?

  • WG - I didn't really see it like that, but I like your take on it. Gave me the warm and fuzzies :)

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