My tea tastes of perfume?

So I'm drinking a decaff tea. PG tips. And for some reason, it tastes like perfume.


Is this a thing?!


  • Oh yes!! I have gone right off coffee for similar reasons

  • I did wonder if it was cos the tea bags are in my handbag and a bottle of perfume is in there too, but I've had 2 teas so far and neither tasted like this AND the perfume is shut with a lid on it.

  • Some days I don't fancy tea but other days I do. The nicest decaf teacags I've found are the Clipper Organic Decaf ones. Some of the others are just awful.

  • I like PG Tips, Tetley is horrid.

    But this particular one tastes of chanel.

    It must have come from the bottle in my bag, how upsetting.

  • See all decaf tea tastes like fish to me, before, during and after my pregnancy. I like the Yorkshire decaf ones though, nice and strong!

  • I can't really tell the difference taste wise between decaf and normal tea, although I do notice that it lacks the taste of caffeine if that makes sense!

  • I can't taste the difference between decaf tea and non decaf, but I do have very weak tea.

  • I was off a lot of stuff in 1st tri and I had this awful taste in my mouth that wouldn't shift no matter what I ate or drank.  Hopefully it will pass

  • I had garlic bread last week and that tasted like fish!

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