Name thread - just because

If you had to pick a boys and a girls name today, what would you choose?



  • Girl - Id go for Eilidh, boy I like Struan

    What's yours?

  • Eh girls no idea lol boys Caleb, Dexter or Olly

  • Struan is cute. My friend has a Ruan and another a Stroan

  • Well I love Martha's name.  Her boy name would have been Louie William.

    We umped and ahed over Dexter as well - I love it but it just didn't seem to 'go' with the others names.

  • Ha I struggle with boys names but have loads of girls names! H and I really can't agree on a name, he mentioned one the other day that I liked now he's changed his mind!

    I love Louie Morph but H doesn't like it, it doesn't go quite right with our surname anyway

  • we have Max and Maggie xx

  • Gut instinct...

    Baxter. Jemima.

  • I don't like any boys names apart from N's name. If we have a boy we are screwed!

  • Nathaniel or Raphael and probably Harriet or Scarlett (assuming I can hypothetically choose a different surname too)

  • Rhian for a girl (couldn't use it for Orla as MrJB pronounces it weirdly)

    William for a boy (probably wouldn't have been able to use it if O had been a boy as middle name has to be Richard - Willy *** :lol:)

  • I love Grace for a girl but I find boys names really hard. I really like Joshua but 1 of my best friends son is called that so don't think I could use it.

  • Assuming the H has no say...Stanley and Ava

  • I've always liked Ellie but can't use it with our surname. If either of the girls had been boys, they may have been Jack, Noah or Finlay.

  • CK

    Do it!  (I know you've got a friend with a LO the same name, but there'll be quite a few years difference now Smile ) ETA - only if you have a boy obviously, can't remember if you know if you're having a boy or a girl.

    I would choose Cole for a boy, not entirely sure about a girl - C would have been Phoebe which I still love, and haven't really thought about girls names since he was born.

  • A girl would be Emilia. No idea about a boy

  • We're still debating boys names (better decide quickly, eek!) but a girl was always going to be Olive.

  • Girls name Mary. Boys....ha! One of of 5 short listed. This morning possibly Casper. Possibly!!!
  • Interesting to see dexter mentioned. Another on our shortlist. H's favourite.
  • Sonny for a boy if I didn't have to deal with family's reactions and Alannah if I could also change our surname!

  • And Elsie and Saoise for girls too, I love girls names.....h detests my girls names though so lucky we had boys!

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