Naming ceremonies

All the christening talk on the other thread has got me thinking. We always planned on having a naming ceremony for the children but never quite got around to it. now I'm wondering g if we could do a joint one for all three children next year once this baby arrives.

has anyone on here done a naming ceremony? Did you have someone do it for you? Where did you have it?

thanks x 


  • We did one for C, and will probably do one for O at Easter.  We had it in my parents' back garden in August - I investigated the possibility of someone from the humanist society 'leading' it, but the person I wanted to do it wasn't available, and in the end, we decided it would be nice if my aunt (who is quite teacher-ish!) could do it. Blackkat sent me the script she used for her naming ceremony, and I used that as a basis for ours (I'm happy to share it if you want?)

    We said about her birth (just about when it happened and a little anecdote), and why she had been given her names. Then H and I made promises to her, then we asked her goodparents to make promises to her. They wrote them themselves and read them out on the day - I got all emotional listening to what they were promising her. Then my cousins read out 'oh! The places you'll go' by dr Seuss.

    We just had a buffet style meal, and snidget made her a (yummy) big cupcake cake and some smaller ones. It was a fab fab day, and I got totally blotto on champagne. I'm all class Weep

  • I fantasise about something at home, humanist or similar. I am not that concerned about a 'naming' per se, but I would love a family celebration. I have a hunch we'll be too busy and miss our chance.

  • We are planning on having a naming ceremony/party!

    bluewater- I would be interested in seeing Blackkat's script! How many 'goodparents' did you have? This is where we are having issues, making a shortlist!

  • We are planning on having a naming ceremony for W but going to do it as part of his first birthday.  My reasoning for this is that without a doubt, i will be left to organise it and I don't want to plan 2 parties when we could have one big party.

    I'd be interested in seeing blackkats script too.  I don't know where to start with the ceremony, and i know for a fact that H will not do any of the research for it. We also have issues with who will be the goodparents.

  • Oh I hadn't thought about doing something myself. I had looked into official ones but it's quite expensive. A family party/BBQ with speeches from us and her Oddparents would work really well. I could give the oddparents a little gift to mark the occasion. *brain goes into overdrive of planning even though baby sparkles is not even here yet*

  • I've never been to one but one of the mums I made friends with at a playgroup did this for her twin boys. they held it at the venue they had their wedding ceremony a year before and the same registrar conducted the service. the photos looked lovely. they had a buffet there afterwards. I think they splashed out as they had been born very premature and it was a big celebration of their homecoming.

  • LP- i like the name 'oddparents'!! We've been referring to them as 'ungodly parents'!!

  • Haha we sometimes call them oddparents too, although C's oddfather calls himself The Godfather as he wants to be al Pacino Weep

    Anyone that wants a copy of the script, I'm on the FB group so you can contact me through there and I'll send it on. If not, put a post on here and I'll put my email up for a short while.

  • I like the oddparents too.  Probably more appropriate than any other name.

  • Mrs bass - we had two, my best friend and my H's best friend. O may end up having 3 as H can't decide between his other 2 best friends - that's the beauty, you can have as many as you want.

    My 8yo cousin had a lovely idea for the ceremony the day before but it was too late to do anything about it so I think I'll include it in O's day (which will also prob be his first bday party) - she dreamt (!) that a stuffed animal was passed around the party and everyone was asked to say a wish for the baby and then the animal was put into his cot. I thought that was just so lovely Love

    We also got people to colour in a big poster and leave her little messages, I got it from NOTHS - I'll try to find the link.

  • Some lovely ideas here!

    I'm thinking next summer so that we can make is a BBQ in either our garden or my parents. I love the teddy and poster ideas. A memory book would work well as well I guess.

    I think I'd ask my dad to say a few words and have Good Parents or Odd Parents for each. I have 3 best friends so would probably as them, plus my cousin who was also a bridesmaid, my brother and H's brother. They were usher and best man at our wedding.

    Lots of ideas thanks!

    I'd love to so it where we got married but that was at Loch Lomond so we'd need to supply buses again and can't see H agreeing g to that.

  • Love the colour in poster! Have you go tit up in C's room?

    I think it was someone on here who said on the invite, 'if you would like to bring a present, please bring your favorite childhood book'. That way they built up a great selection of books for the child!

  • No I keep forgetting Embarrassed

    That's a great idea about the books Smile

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