napping habits of a 1 year old

A used to have an hour or so morning and afternoon and then sometimes a cat nap about 5ish if her other naps had worked out early.

Since she has started standing up in her cot, she has to be properly tired to go for a nap otherwise she's up and playing before I've left the room, whereas before she would roll around, shout a bit, and then decide to go to sleep, so I could get more naps out of her in the day.

Now though, because I have to wait a little longer to put her down, she's been tending to sleep for 1.5/2 hours in the middle of the day and that's about it.

Does it sound normal to be dropping naps? She's crawling and cruising furniture but no walking as yet, if that makes any difference.


  • E did exactly the same at exactly the same age! She was napping religiously from 12-1.30pm up until about 6 weeks ago where it has become a battle again and unless she's dog tired she will not go without a fight!

  • Yes pretty normal! We're still on 2 naps at the moment but I don't think it's long before he drops to one
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