Nausea..... please humour me!

Morning Ladies,

What is the earliest you all experienced nausea in pregnancy?

The reason I ask is my AF was due Monday and hasn't shown since. I tested Tuesday and got a bfn, but I have felt nauseous every day, some days worse than others. Most days it passes after I have lunch, Weds it was terrible and I thought I would vomit at bedtime. Is this all in my head?!

So anyway I guess my question is nausea possible at 14 to 17 dpo? And has anyone got a bfn at 14 dpo and gone on to get a bfp?




  • Dolly, no help with what the sickness feels like / when it starts but I have heard of people getting their BFP after AF was due etc. I think you should flash your chart for everyone too so they can see your temps! There are some temp experts on here :-D

  • Problem is Mrs A I decided to stop temping this month so I have 4 days of temps to flash!!

  • When you look at this chart I look like I'm on my way to AF, in previous months my AF starts at 36.30ish

    Wish I'd carried on temping properly now! My cycles are normally 28 days with Ov on day 16 and a 12 day luteal phase.


  • You've had nausea for a good couple of days then! Don't dwell on what you could have done - I read somewhere 'its not temping / POAS that defines your pregnancy...' i.e. its the other way round. Whether you had carried on or not it wouldn't make a difference to whether its a BFP or BFN so don't worry about it.

  • With baby#1 I had several BFN's around time AF was due but then a 3 hour drive to view a potential new horse left me feeling really sick, I knew I must be pregnant and didn't even get on the horse but still took another 4 days before a pregnancy test went positive. I had no idea how many dpo I was as hadn't been tracking or anything!

  • i got my bfp the day i woke up and felt sicky! my actual sickness started at 8 weeks

  • Go test again!! If you are now 4 days late hopefully it would def show x

  • Nausea for me started just over a week before my AF was due. The hormones tend to hit my body hard so I had a lot of symptoms very early, including headaches, swollen boobs, nausea in evenings and needing to wee. I was 90% certain long before I bought a test.

  • Just wanted to add, I had a very early miscarriage a lot of years ago. All the pregnancy symptoms, no AF and no BFP. I insisted on a scan and although it took ages to get seen there was the sac and they could see I had briefly been pregnant but due to timings it didn't provide the BFP. It might be something entirely different for you, obviously, but I thought I'd mention it.

  • Thanks ladies, if I hadn't taken my temperature these past few days and seen it declining I probably would be rushing out for a test but the temps are making me think AF must be coming.

  • Thanks for all your help ladies, AF just arrived.......

    On to the next cycle!

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