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G just won't settle in the middle of the night. All day long and even early in the night she'll go into her moses basket awake and lay there until she drops off, however at around 2am she wakes up and just will not settle. Even if I get her to drop off in my arms as soon as I lay her down she starts screaming, it goes on for hours and hours, so I'm thinking of investing in a bed nest. So I have some questions

Did it help with settling your baby?

How long could you use it for, I'm conscious G is already so long she probably only has another month or so in her moses basket.

Did it fit against a sleigh style wooden bed?



  • M was like this for first few wks its only been last couple of nights that she has gone back down after feed, she refuses to sleep in crib she hates it so we take Moses basket up every night and I lay it on floor next to me so when she stirs I can stroke her head or pat her to settle her x

  • I have a snuz pod (similar to a bed nest) but F wouldn't settle in it the first couple of nights so we resorted to the Moses basket we planned for daytime naps downstairs. We lined it with a fleecy blanket and got a slumber bear and while it hasn't resolved all sleeping/settling issues it has helped. I hope to go back to trying the snuz pod once he's a bit bigger. He just loves his poddle pod for daytime naps and settles with no probs in that.

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