New cloth nappy users - how are we getting on?

I know there was quite a few people planning on using cloth on my tri threads and on other cloth threads recently - thought it would be interesting to have a catch up and see how we are all doing with them.

We're using cloth full time during the day at the moment - getting on well with cheapies, LL OSFAs, Pop ins and Bumgenius. I've just had to start boosting them with an extra bamboo booster as N seems to be a fairly heavy wetter for a tiddler! We haven't got a good fit with Totsbots or Ones and Twos so I'm selling those and have bought some more OSFAs from the Nappy Lady (£6.50 instead of £10!) and will be keeping an eye on the LL sale on Thursday too.

I haven't ventured to cloth at night yet as she's been pooing quite frequently but that seems to be easing off so think we will give the LL bamboo nappies and wraps a go soon, I've got 6 so even if I have to change a couple of times at night, we should have enough for two nights in a row in cloth, and might have to have a sposie night every so often if they are drying.

And thank you to those who convinced me to go for reusable wipes as well - I was really hesitant but went for it and it's working really well. I got the mini muslins from Mothercare and use them with a little spray bottle of camomile tea.

How's everyone else getting on? What's working for you?


  • I'm using cloth during the day too.. We have ll osfa, bum genius, funzi buns elite and some eBay cheapies.. They are all working equally as well as each other with an extra bamboo booster... I did use ll bamboos with a wrap at night but have found that h wakes as he is wet.. He doesn't wake with a disposable on so at the moment I am

    Still using a disposable every night.  Also using cheeky wipes which I love.. Make a solution up with cjs carcass butter which smells divine!

  • Hello.  Another converted cloth user here!  We are full time cloth, day and night.  In the day I am mostly using Tots Bots easyfits and Fuzzi Bunz elites, plus I have a few Bumgenius.  I love them all equally!!  AT night I use LL Bamboo 2 parters and TB Bamboozle Stretchies.  Both last about 12 hours, I never have to change during the night.

    I went on hols recently and missed my cloth so much.  I used a combination of disposables and flip inserts with wraps.

    Margot, even though they are BTP I didn't get on with TB;s until about 12 weeks.  I think they are far too big for a newborn.  Also, M seems to be quite long and my size 1 LL bamboo's are getting a bit short on the rise for her so I don't think she'll be in them much longer.  If you decide you want a few more give me a shout.

    I've tried my LL OSFA's a couple of times but they leaked both time.  I must get them out and try again at some point.

    I'm also using reusable wipes.  I bought a cheeky wipes kit and have supplemented with some poundland baby flannels and some LL bamboo wipes.  I either makeup some camomile tea or use the oils and water that came with the kit.  I use disposable wipes out and about though.

    M is going to my mums for a couple of hours tomorrow and it's the first I will leave her without disposables to use - she'll freak out!

  • We've been using cloth since A was about 3 weeks old and loving it.  Like Bexy we use disposables at night as A wakes when he is wet.

    We have Tots Bot Easyfits, and Motherease nappies with Tots Bots wraps..  We also have some LL OSFAs but don't really get on with them.

    Margot - I'm selling 6 LL pink OSFAs if you're interested (pink isn't really A's colour!!)?

    And we love cheeky wipes!  They are so much better for cleaning A than baby wipes.

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