New to mumdrum - and pregnancy!


As my subject says, I am new to all of this and am feeling pretty overwhelmed with everything at the moment! I'm 6 weeks pregnant and this is my first baby.  I had my GP appointment yesterday and have a couple of weeks to go until I see the midwife, and so far I have been googling everything and managing to scare myself with everything I read! My best friend is also pregnant, although she is further along than me, and she recommended the site as a great source of information and support. So, here I am!  I am feeling OK so far, just very tired tired and I've picked up a cold this week - hard not to reach for the cold and flu remedies as I usually would.  I hope this will be a useful point of reference while I'm pregnant and if anyone has any advice for me, it will be gratefully received :)


  • Congratulations and welcome.

    There are daily threads for each trimester. They are really useful threads as everyone is in the boat. Here's to a happy 8 months for you x

  • Thank you - I will have a look x

  • Wave congratulations and welcome!

    It's hard not being able to take cold remedies - I used to crush paracetamol in with hot honey and lemon. Not the same as Lemsip, but soothing and safe for baby.

  • Huge contrats and welcome aboard :)

    Definitely get stuck in to the daily trimester threads. It makes you feel a lot more sane when you are worrying about every little niggle to hear that there are others in the same boat. Hope you have an uneventful 8 months ahead of you!

  • Welcome and congratulations! x

  • welcome & congratulations :) X

  • Thanks so much for the welcomes and congratulations. Still doesn't quite seem real!

  • Congratulations and welcome!

    It take sometime for it to sink in, Im 22 weeks and it still doesnt quite seem real!

    introduce yourself over on the 1st tri daily threads, its so reassuing to talk to ladies at the same stage as you!

  • Congrats and welcome to MD :) X

  • Welcome and congratulations!!

  • Welcome and congratulations, joining Mumdrum is an excellent pregnancy decision! Definitely recommend getting stuck in on the daily threads, it's so nice to get to know people due a similar time to you.

    It's really only hitting me now that I'm having a baby (this is my first, too) so don't worry, it will sink in eventually!

    Hope you have a lovely, uneventful pregnancy :) x

  • Congratulations, and welcome to MD, it's a great place to be for pregnancy and babies!

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