New Year baby and child catch up - all ages!

Thought it might be nice for everyone to share how their babies and children are getting on for the new year - everyone welcome, no matter how big or small your babies!

Mine are now 6y1m, 3y6m and 20 weeks. Joshua will be going back for his second term in year 1 on Monday and is very keen to get back to his friends. He's doing well at school and getting better at home, listening slightly more and a few less meltdowns. He starts his new swimming lessons as well on Monday (we've moved from one local sports centre to another) and I'm looking forward to seeing how he gets on.

Jacob is going through his most challenging phase yet. He is so determined to be independent that it's driving me nuts, and he gets so very frustrated when he can't do things. He loves going to preschool at his brother's school and being in a mixed class with reception children is doing him the world of good. I just hope the teenage attitude disappears soon! He goes back to swimming on Wednesday too, having not been since last summer. He'll be going in on his own without me this time too, I'll be watching from a discreet place!

Naomi was 20 weeks this week and is generally a joy. She has well and truly mastered rolling and rolls everywhere now, and tries to get up on her knees too which I'm so not ready for! She's a dinky thing compared to her brothers, haven't had her weighed properly for ages but had a go on our scales last night and I think she's just over 14lb - Jacob was 20lb at this age! She's smiley and happy most of the time, loves watching her brothers and is trying to play with them. I think Christmas was a bit overwhelming for her even though we had a fairly quiet one, so I'm looking forward to getting back to normal next week. Still BFing too which is going well for us both.

Let's hear about all your little ones!


  • Great idea Margot :)

    Aveline turned 9 months on Boxing day and is a delight. She commando crawls everywhere and at quite a speed when she wants to! She will get up onto her hands and knees and rock back and forth, but no signs of that progressing much further! Her BLW is going well I think but we are starting to worry that she won't be eating enough and still reliant on BFs by the time she goes to nursery in April, but i guess time will tell. She's understanding us a little now which is nice, she'll clap when we say so and look at the cat when we say 'cat' which is very cute as she looooves the cats!

  • Wave Lovely post! Sounds like you have your hands full Margot!

    E will be 17 months on the 11th and seems to have had a massive developmental leap over xmas! He's grown out of all his 18-24m stuff in a week and we have new words now everyday. On the downside all this seems to have caused a bit of a sleep regression so we had a bad week last week and he's waking at least once in the night still after months of mostly sleeping through Weep

    Had a lovely xmas as although he doesn't understand yet he was saying 'wow' every time he saw trees/presents etc. and he actually opened his own pressies so that was cute. Trying to get back into normal routine mow after all the excitement and he was very disappointed when he came home from grandma's yesterday and all the decs were gone! All the new toys should make up for it though!

    Happy New Year everyone!

  • Fab idea for a post.

    My babies are now 10y1m and 2y7m (almost), and they are awesome boys. C is in yr 5 at school, and  seems to have left his learning difficulties behind him. J recently had his 30 month check, and the HV used the words "wow" and "amazing" to describe him. "proud Mummy"

    Considering the age gap, they play lovely together, and C is so patient with J, it is lovely to see, as J idolises his big bro.

    This year, will see J get his funded Nursery hours, and C will be going into yr6, I truely hope they continue to thrive.

  • Love this idea Margot!

    M will be 5 months on the 6th. She's doing so well, I'm such a proud mummy. At her 8 week appointment she was showing signs of having a floppy head and being a late developer but she's doing so well recently even happily playing on her tummy and holding her head up for ages. She was so much more engaged with the whole Christmas than I'd expected, yes, she's played with paper but seeing her face as she ripped (with help) the paper off to reveal things underneath. We also had the big step of her sleeping in her cot in her own room for the first time last night! I even slept better than I expected, once I got to sleep of course!

  • Fab idea Margot....nice to hear how everyones babies are doing big and small. L is 18 months today he is hilarious such a character. He is starting to say more words and is very independent walking everywhere and feeding himself. He is off on holidays with his granparents on sat for a week of sunshine. Baby no 2 currently cooking away 28 weeks today so just in 3rd tri x x
  • Wave Hi Margot and everyone. I don't get on here much anymore.

    Mine are now 6, 4 and 22 months.

    My 6 year old is a gorgeous, chatty, livewire who has teenage strops already! J will be 5 in February and has asked for hair straighteners! Need I say more. My girls are 22 months. They have a chromosomal disorder which means that they have severe physical delays. On the other hand it means that they have time to concentrate on other things and are very chatty and copy everything that they hear! They have lots of appointments and tests/investigations but have now been discharged from the Physio and should be dishcharged from one fo the Doctors in February. They are delighful in every way!

  • Lovely idea for a post, it's great to hear how everyone is getting on.

    S is approaching 13 weeks now and is the longest baby I've ever seen! Length wise he's in 3-6m clothes! He's kind of a difficult baby with silent reflux but I have got a supportive gp and I think we are getting somewhere. He really fights sleep during the day though, little rascal! He is smiley and chatty though, really cheeky face which makes me melt. He has great head control and loves a bit of tummy time. We are mix feeding at the mo which is going well. For the last week he has been sleeping straight through from 8pm til 730/8 the next morning which is awesome but I'm scared of telling people about it in case it stops!

  • What a lovely thread. I know i'm not on a lot, but i'm always here lurking.

    My eldest V is 12 next month, and my youngest is L 16months.

    V has had a really hard time recently, and has been a bit down, especially since her grandad died, visits with her biological mum aren't going very well. She's doing well in school, although is struggling in English. L is amazing, she learns everyday, although I worry about her speech quite a bit. We're going on holiday next month! Can't wait!

  • My eldest was 4 in November and currently goes to preschool and has fitted in really well there, he is mad on trains! He has done Waterbabies since 6 months old but will be starting swimming lessons at our local school this month. He starts primary school in September. My youngest is 2 and a half and is a little tinker, very loving though. He starts preschool in September am dreading leaving him as I've left him. Luckily he will mix with reception where his older brother will be. He has really come out of his shell the last few months as he was very shy when out and about but has improved massively. There is a 19 month gap between my boys and they get on so well, always happy to see each other, play well together and have lovely brotherly hugs too, so cute x

  • Lovely to read everyone's updates.

    A will be 5 this year and starts school in August.  She's a bright little girl and is more than ready for it. She's also a stroppy wee madam and I'm looking forward to nursery going back on Monday lol

    J is 2 and a half.  He's a wild child,  typical rough and tumble boy.  His speech and understanding is great for his age- no issues at all at his 30 month check.  He's a very cuddly boy - just need to work on the hitting and pushing phase!

    S is 24 weeks today and the most gorgeous happy baby.  We started weaning yesterday and we're still breastfeeding too, although he does get the odd bottle of formula to give me a break.  No idea what he weighs but he's just starting to fit some of his 6-9 month clothes

    I'm doing better now after being diagnosed with pnd. Have been taking setraline for a month or so and things have improved.  My hv has been great and comes round quite often to check up on me lol

  • Great idea Margot,lovely to read how everyone's LOs are getting on

    M is 3.5 and a proper girly girl - loves Disney Princesses, her dollies, dancing and wearing dresses that she can do big twirls in Laugh  She's at nursery 2.5 days a week and loves it, and she goes to ballet lessons, gymnastics and swimming which she is doing brilliantly at and always surprises me with her confidence in the water (which she def doesn't get from me!).  She's going to be a great big sister to the troublemaker I'm cooking at the moment (who she added to her naughty list yesterday because he's misbehaving for mummy Laugh)

    She's an absolute character, hard work at times (most of the time!) but makes me laugh every day and I wouldn't change her for the world [fluff]

  • Lovely updates :)

    F is 8yrs 11mths, he loves school especially maths and his current obsession is minecraft.  He's very sociable and is a lovely big brother (most of the time!).  We're starting to get some tweenager strops at the minute, am not looking forwards to the teenage years lol!

    T is 5yrs 9mths,  he's very angelic looking but can be a little monkey lol.  He idolises F and wants to do everything he does.  He's not keen on school but is doing ok.  His speech problems have held him back a bit but he's done amazingly in his speech therapy, I'm so proud of him.   He's being discharged after his next session which I can't believe, he used to get so frustrated that he wasn't understood but the therapist has been brilliant with him.  He's still prone to tantrums and acts younger than F did at his age but is slowly getting better.  

    R is 22 months, his speech is amazing which is a relief after the troubles with T.  He is the absolute spit of T, I can't get over how alike they are.  He loves Thomas the tank at the minute and is already a whizz at using my phone to find the Thomas games and TV episodes!  He's still bf and is finally sleeping through most nights - hooray!

  • Lovely idea M!

    My babies are no longer babies. E is 9 this month and I will be 4 in March.

    E is growing into a young lady, declaring she is too old for Disney Princess. She is very sporty, going to gymnastics and running, plus all the sports she is involved with at school. She was chosen to represent school in school olympics. The team won and went on to compete in county competition. She has also been chosen to represent school in cross country in Feb. Her school work was not great at the beginning of last term, resulting in withdrawal of gymnastics and missing the school disco. The punishment seemed to work and she has really picked back up, moving up a group in maths.

    Isaac is enjoying nursery most of the time, I can't believe he will start school in September. He has become very clingy in the past few weeks, crying when he knows it's childminders day to pick him up, this included the Christmas concert. He wouldn't stay at his uncle's house on Monday, even though he said he was looking forward to it and then asked the next morning why he couldn't stay. He surprises me everyday in what he knows and has learnt in nursery. His only downfall is the stroppiness as he gets tired which then leads to fighting with his sister and lots of tears.

  • So lovely to read everyone's updates!

    W is just over 7 months old and a right wee chatty man! His latest favourite thing to say is dad dad dad and then blow raspberries. He looks like he'll be walking before long! So we are preparing ourselves for imminent hell breaking loose! He is very independent and seems to want to do everything himself. Taking his socks off is a favourite pastime too as well as banging his noisy toys off each other!

  • This is such a lovely thread! I didn't want it to get buried so hope it's okay am adding to it, even though I probably don't qualify given he's practically a 'growed-up'.

    Harry is 17 and I adore him. He's patient, loving, kind, forgiving, bright, hard-working and funny. We have been on loads of holidays and mini-breaks just the 2 of us and end up crying with laughter on a daily basis, as well as daring each other to do all sorts of things, or having singing competitions. He's just good fun and I love to talk - really talk - with him about all sorts.

    I worry about him because he doesn't mix like I mixed at that age, partly because he's not interested in going shagging and drinking like the lads from school, partly because of a pesky skin condition, and partly because he feels isolated due to his sexuality. His dad is a bit of a prat so he really only has me and my husband, but I am told by everyone that he will find his own environment that suits him, so I trust in that and am there for him as much as I can be without smothering him! I am a very very proud mum, and he's really excited at the prospect of a wee brother or sister. :)

  • Hello!!

    Annabelle will be 8 weeks on thursday. She is a lovely easy baby. Very content! Born 9lb 10 and was 10lb 7 on 14th dec. Will be weighed again on monday. God knows what she is now

    We had smiles from her at 4.5 weeks and now we get them mostly in the morning which is lovely to wake up to

    She loves tummy time and copying her daddy sticking his tongue out. So much so she starts sticking it out when she sees him now.

    She is also super long. In up to 3 months suits but hitting the bottom of them.
  • Not sure if it counts as I was never on the tri threads but thought I would contribute anyway!

    F is 7 months and has just got his first tooth! He had his settling in days at nursery and they were amazed at how well he coped. Not sure if it is because he doesn't miss me or because he has been with my mum since I went back to work! Unfortunately, he is not a fan of sleep and ends up in bed with me halfway through the night but I secretely love cosleeping with him and waking up to his gorgeous smile!
  • Hi all,

    Not sure that anyone will remember me but thought I'd catch up too.

    My two are growing so fast - I will be 5 in March and started school with me in September. It's going OK although he's discovered the joys of play fighting. He's a gorgeous little man still full of hugs,kisses, handholding and snuggles with Mummy which is wonderful. L is 27 months now and is the total opposite of I at that age! I had only just started walking but L has been into everything since 17 months. He has no fear and is very stubborn but so cheeky and cute. He loves kissing everyone at the moment but mixes it up with the odd raspberry!

    We've moved to a huge new house so scope for number except for a. my age (whispers I'm 40 this year) and b. the huge new mortgage! It's lovely though, in a lovely seaside town and a walk to work for me and the boys. FT now which is a shock!

    Glad to *see* some old faces and here's to a happy 2014!

  • Mine are 6 and 3. B is in year 1 and loving school. He has made some nice friendships and is growing in confidence. He loves playing minecraft with his Dad. I is at nursery 3 days and local pre-school 2 mornings. She is a very different character to B. More confident, bossy! Loves all things girly. They can play very nicely together, but at the flick of a switch be fighting like cat and dog! The possibility of 3 is always on my mind but not sure if it will happen.

  • It's so nice to hear how everyone's getting on big and small!

    My two are nearly 5 and 7.5 months.

    Big S is having a great time at school, he's very bright but does lack concentration. He seems to be in the group of boisterous boys but his teacher assures me he's just over exuberant rather than deliberately naughty. He was struggling with reading but we recently discovered he's incredibly long sighted (+7.5 and +8!) and now has glasses. Already we've seen a huge improvement.  He's thankfully coming out of his very naughty phase but can still be ether challenging at times. He is a fantastic big brother and adores little S.

    Little S has had a huge developmental leap over Christmas and is now crawling and kneeling. He's desperately trying to stand so I don't think he'll be long. Sleep is still a bit touch and go. He's eating well now on the whole and loves nursery. They're always telling me what a happy chilled out baby he is. He idolises his brother which is very sweet.

    They look so alike now it's uncanny and personality wise they're similar. I'm going to have my hands full in a couple of years I think!

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