Newbie here!

Hi all, im new to this site, I have 2 children aged 3 and 4 and my eldest starts school for the first time a week on Monday and I'm very nervous, I'm a stay at home Mum so she's never even been to nursery before, she's definitely ready for it though and is very excited xxx


  • Hello :-) is it a pre school nursery? Im sure she will be just fine my son loves it he has just started his 2nd year and is also 4. When does your 3yo.old start?

  • No its not a nursery its a primary school, foundation level. My 3 yo only just turned 3 so he won't start until September next year. I have to say im not massively impressed with the school so far, they seem very unorganised. Although the teachers are lovely and the facilities are great the admin side seems very hit and miss. After she got accepted I didn'thear anything for months and had to contact them to find oout when I'd get more information, it took them a week to reply at which time they said we'd be receiving a letter inviting us to a meeting, the letter never arrived so I had to contact them again, they thrn told me the date of the meeting but not the time so I had to email again, at no point have they given us her official start date, I had to email them to find out when the term started. I'd definitely feel better about it if they where more organised x

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