newborn carrier not sling?

hubby would like a carrier for the baby, rather than use a pushchair, mainly for walking the dog, even though we actually have a dog walking pushchair!



what he doesnt like is slings, he prefers carriers but we cant seem to find one that has the correct knee to knee positioning,


can anyone recommend a carrier for newborns that does support knee to knee


TIA xx



  • Ant was the exact same.  To be honest, neither of us like the idea of the wrap type slings, so we bought the ergo baby with the infant insert.  Very little babies need extra support along the spine and neck, and they're not supposed to be in a sitting position because of how the spine develops.  My SIL recommended the ergo, but she never had the insert so she had a wrap for the first 4ish months.  When I saw it the insert was a bit baffling, but I watched a couple videos on YouTube (like and I'm glad we got it.

  • thanks hun, i will have a butchers now x

  • hey i got an ergo but not tried it out yet as Harris under minimum weight x
  • Does he not even like connectas? I don't see how they are different to carriers in terms of looks.

  • We have a Beco Gemini (buckle carrier) which *can* be used from newborn, although we didn't. We've bought a Close Caboo for no.2, it does look like a wrap sling but is easier to put on, if that's what he's worried about.

  • I had a Beco Gemini which I really liked, also considered a Manduca and my Connecta was good too.

  • I was going to suggest a connecta or ergo. They can be used from very small although possibly not newborn depending on weight. They look like carriers not wraps to me.
  • he thinks slings look too tribal for him or something silly ?

  • I didn't know there was a lower weight limit for the ergo with the insert!  It's 7lbs, though.. I'm not sure I'll have a baby smaller than 7lbs, but I guess we will have to wait and see!!

  • How about a Baba sling? They don't look tribal and my hubby still felt many wearing it :-) especially if you go for navy/black

  • ill have a look at that thanks pocahontas!

  • What about the Babybjorn carrier? Any thoughts on that one, have you seen it Monnie? I guess I'm a bit biased as I'm buying my friends one and as yet have no experience of it but she only wants £15 for it :)

  • I have a close caboo DX. It's clearly targeted at a male audience but I use it everyday. It has clips rather than just tying on and an additional support but that was great for O when he had little neck support. There's good videos on you tube and the 'model' in the video is a man do might appeal to your H!

  • Leelee the babybjorns aren't particularly good for baby because of the position they put them in and how they hang them from their pelvis. I tried a friends on briefly out of interest and found it incredibly uncomfy too.
  • thanks MDD- ill sit him down tonight and show him :-)

  • AR - thanks for the advice, that's why this place is so bloomin good, I shall have a rethink about buying it off her, thanks :)

  • I'm bookmarking this thread as we are exactly the same about carriers, I love the idea behind the sling/wrap types but my brain can't compute how they stay tied up and H thinks they don't look manly enough!

  • I saw this the other day on FB:

    There's also a Babywearing guide that might be of use -

    Don't forget there's youtube which will have videos of various slings in action if you're not too sure how they work.

  • Ds you star!!

  • I had a close caboo for when A was very little which H did have a go at using (after I showed him about 5 times how to do it!) I also have a connects which we use loads now but I wasn't as comfortable with when she was very little but it is suitable for newborns x

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