Newborn colds

How long can they last, on average? S started sniffling Monday evening and his sleep has got progressively worse each night since. Whereas on Monday night he'd go down for at least an hour before waking, last night he would only sleep on my chest. So I've now been up a full 24 hours and am shattered.

I tried putting him in his chair so he'd be more upright but nope, he was still so congested.
I've tried saline drops but nothing really comes out, same with the nasal aspirator. Someone tell m


  • Argh, mobile forum posts only half my msg!

    Someone tell me it gets better from now please! I'm about to go and sit in the bathroom with him when H showers, anything else I can try?
  • Poor you and S! We've experienced one cold so far and I'm dreading the next one, I know how out of sorts babies can get.

    B was snuffly and snotty and this also made her vomit. She had one very sleepless night and then the next few were disrupted but we got a few hours at least. The cold didn't last more than a week in all I don't think, so there's light at the end of the tunnel and I hope things get better for you.

    We rode the storm and didn't use anything...not sure there is much for the tinies (think Snufflebabe or whatever is from 3 months?) Good luck tonight :-)

  • Poor you, baby colds are horrible. E has had one horrible one so far and had a couple of associated sleepless nights. I don't think that the cold lasted any more than 4 days. I found that propping up the Moses basket or cot helped as did a calpol plug in. Also lots of saline drops and clearing his airways with a sucker device. I also found that putting Vicks on E's feet helped (don't ask me why you put it on the feet but it does help!)

    Hope that things get easier quickly and S feels better soon

  • Sorry to hear he's still not well - sound like you really having a tough time with it. E & A's colds lasted about 2 weeks. We really struggled with stuff for A as most of it was from 3 months. Snufflebabe is from 3 months but the chemist told us we could use it sparingly with her - a very small amount on her baby grow and the soles of her feet. Also, you can get an olbas oil type thing called 4little1 that can be used from birth. A few drops in a little bowl of water on the radiator did the trick. It sounds like you're doing everything else - steams, cot raised, saline spray. I really hope he's better soon for you and that you've had a better night tonight. Hopefully, his one really bad night was the turning point for him getting better.

  • Thanks all.

    We are on our fifth night with him and have managed to get a couple of nights where he went there hours but then grizzled the rest of the night.

    The saline drops work a little but the sucker is useless, I haven't managed to get anything out at all. I think it's too big for his nose? I will try the calpol plug in and see if I can find that olbas oil stuff.

    Thanks all.

  • They have it in boots and sainsburys if that's any help? It's a little blue bottle and its about £6/7. Have you got one of those bulb aspirators? We found they were useless and instead got this one where its got a big long tube and you suck it out. That sounds now disgusting than it is, I promise! The tube is very long!

  • Thanks mamaD, I'll get to boots later today and stock up. The cold isn't helping with our continuing feeding battles, I can hardly get him to latch on at all he's so congested :(

  • New born get frequent cold and fewer so always try to keep them warm and away from other people ever your own children as it may cause infection . And always make sure that you also keep your self healthy.

  • Hi Popcorn, how's S's cold today?  How did you all sleep? I forgot to say yesterday that when A had a cold, I posted on here because I thought it was making her reflux worse and alot of ladies with refluxey babies agreed. Hope that's not the case for S though!

  • He slept from 11 - 4.30 last night so finally on the mend. It definitely aggravated his reflux, poor thing. I'm not convinced that the reflux couldn't be better, he just cannot sleep during the day, he tries to nod off but then winced and wakes up again poor thing. He's exhausted. We've got our 6 week check today (yes, at 8 weeks...) so am going to push for more help today. Thanks for thinking of us, how are you getting on with the nutrimigen?

  • Glad he's starting to get better - from the cold at least. How did you get on at the docs? I found I had to be quite pushy and literally went in and told them I wanted a referal. A is just waking for a feed - will be back!

  • She doubled his ranitidine dose as he's put on weight since he started on it and was on the bare minimum. We have got to go back in a fortnight so we will see!

  • That's good that's she's taken some action - hopefully you'll see an improvement soon!

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