Newborn sleep with a toddler

How did I do it?! A is 11 weeks and after finally starting to make progress with her reflux, she had finally started to settle to sleep in her crib.

However, I also have a 17 month old who can be very noisy and often wakes her sister. I've tried telling her she has to be quiet but she seems a bit young still to understand. 

I don't know what to do! I try to do quieter activities with her when the baby is alseep, I've tried putting the TV on for her but it never lasts for long and she soon ends up being noisy. Either that, or she rattles the crib as she walks past or puts her hand in and grabs her. If I try to move her away before she does it, she has a tantrum and wakes her anyway.

We've never been quiet around her so she should be used to the noise but somehow it still seems to wake her.

Any ideas please? 


  • Sorry no ideas but will be watching this thread as I fear the same will happen here. I have a 3 week old and a very noisy 2 year old.
  • Mrs B, lets hope someone has the answer for us! And congratulations on your new little one x

  • I have an 18 month gap and had the same problem. I know it goes against SIDS guidelines but the only place L would sleep was in the pram outside. I put him in the pram and right outside the patio door, meant I could see him but he got peace. He was /still is a terrible sleeper and other than in the sling this is the only way he would sleep. We did naps in the pram outside from about 6 weeks until he stopped napping at 2 yrs. No matter the weather!!

  • Thanks LR. I had thought about putting her in the dining room to sleep (we kind of have open plan between the 2 rooms) but E wanders between the 2 rooms so I don't think that would solve anything! Between her big sister and her reflux the poor love doesn't stand much chance of sleeping!

  • I would also go against guidelines and have lo nap away from your older baby. She's too young to understand to be quiet really. I know it goes against guidelines but I guess I weigh the small risk up against the health and well being of her not getting any sleep! I did this with my lo for most naps from about 15 weeks old but obviously it's personal choice.

    The other thing is a really long walk but I'm sure it's tricky timing it for both of them. Good luck!
  • My youngest slept through the noise when he was tiny but now at 20 weeks he's struggling to get a decent nap. I've started leaving him outside the patio doors too if he falls asleep in pram or put him upstairs and I just go in and out room often putting washing away etc.  I have a 2 and 4 year old and the 2 year old likes to go up to the baby and roar in his face- poor boy lol

  • Thanks for the congrats MamaD. Our dining room is separate so I'm thinking when Maya can't/won't sleep through the noise this will be the route I take. I'll just have to check on her regularly
  • Thanks all! My H is off over Christmas and new year so I might take her upstairs for her naps and sit quietly with her and see if she sleeps any better!

  • Perfect excuse for you to nap with her ;-)

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