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Nice things to do before baby is born

I'm due in 2 and a half weeks with our first baby. What things did you do / wish you did before baby arrived? My h and I have no plans for the weekend and I was thinking of 'last chance' things we can do. (I know we can do things post baby but it's not the same!)


  • Definitely the cinema

    Meal in a nice restaurant

    Having a lie in

    A long bath

    Eating dinner with both hands ( ok I'm now listing the things I miss!)

    Something which sounds silly but I do really miss- walking along holding hands with H. Once baby arrives there's a pram to push or a little persons hand to hold.

  • Jellytot that is really sweet!

    We went away the other week and we slept, went to the pub, ate out at nice resturants, went to museums!

    My main plan the next couple of weeks is to sleep!

  • Enjoy sleeping, and even if you can't sleep just enjoy laying in bed and not having to get up.

    Having a gorgeous new born baby is the most amazing thing in the world and I love every second of it ( especially times like now when she is laid on my chest snoring!). But there is also things I miss about having a bit of freedom!

  • Drive to the seafront (or somewhere similarly picturesque) and eat chips out of the paper then walk it off afterward, in the cold and dark :)

  • Go have some relaxing beauty treatments or a spa day!

  • Decide you're going to go out, pick up your phone, keys and purse, open the door and go out. It won't be such a simple, easy, process for a long time to come Weep

  • Sleep, eat a hot meal while it's still hot, and drink a hot drink while it's still hot.

  • All of the above!!
  • I do wish we'd gone to the cinema, we were planning to but I had a horrid cold for 2 weeks before O was born so we didn't get round to it :-( I was 36 weeks on our first wedding anniversary so we went for a massage together and then had dinner and stayed the night at our wedding venue, that was lovely.

  • Going to the cinema and just lazing around in bed are the things that I miss.   We have always just taken baby with us to restaurants but then we aren't in to particularly fancy food so it hasn't been a problem.  Orla does come to the cinema but to kids films or in the afternoon when there aren't many people there.  The thing I miss most is just lazing in bed, reading.  It just never happens any more because even if we have no children (well child, we haven't left Orla yet) which has happened about 4 times in almost 5 years it is always for a reason so we have stuff to do.  

  • Sleep, cinema, hot meals, talking to H. Don't seem to do that anymore x

  • Thanks :) we've been going to the cinema loads recently! At least once a week! I think we'll book a table at a nice restaurant over the weekend. We did the fish and chips by the seafront about 2 weeks ago and played in the arcade :) that was fun!
  • One other thing is cooking, I used to love cooking/baking together. Then eating together obviously!

  • What BridgetGrump said!!!
  • All of the above! Def nice dinner, cinema, shopping, lie ins, sleeping...

  • Breakfast in bed with the Sunday papers, cinema, long walks together.

    H and I spent some time ordering prints of photos for frames and it was nice to reminisce about everything we'd done as a pair before we became a three. We wouldn't have time to do that now.
  • Cinema, lie in and watching telly in peace!

  • All of the above but what BG said with bells on! my sister is staying with us al the moment and "popped" out. H just looked at her and said wow, you decided to go out just now and now you are going, amazing!

  • Have a proper conversation which isn't about baby related things. We ate out at restaurants for grown ups, the kind that are less welcoming for babies. Enjoy having a whole meal where you don't have to worry about anything but yourselves.

    I miss lie ins without being bothered. Although I like early morning cuddly snuggles.

  • What everyone else said. Especially nice meals out, long walks in the evening, also lazy afternoons in a coffee shop looking at the papers together and chatting. This thread is making me feel nostalgic!

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