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Hi everyone, how were your weekends?
mine was pretty good. H took charge on Friday and sent me to bed at 9. E started stiring at 3 so I got up and she went back to sleep!! I expressed & fed her and the H took charge in the morning so i slept until 9:30! About 9 hrs sleep!! Then i went out for lunch with friends & left H & E along for the 1st time! She napped 8-11 so i got an hr on the sofa then 12-6! Amazing, but refused to go down after feed! Knackered so off to bed now, wonder if we get anothe


  • Hi, sounds like a good weekend :)

    M's sleep is much better past few nights. She's been going 9-3 then 3-7 then 7-10! Only awake 10 mins at each wake up for feed and change. She's even been self settling!! Yesterday we went on her first swimming lesson. It was lovely. She slept straight out of the pool at 2.45pm- 6.30pm when I fed her as we were going out for a meal and i was trying to prevent screaming during the meal! Then she slept 6.45pm-11! Awake 11-12 then slept until 3 then 6 then 9! I can't believe how much she slept! She's asleep on me now. She went down about 8.30 but 10 mins ago woke up and got herself on a state so we're just having cuddles before I put her back down. I'm planning an early night.

    She took a bottle of ebm today from h for the first time too. That was lovely :) she has taken them from me previously but always had a hissy fit if h tried. A few more goes and I may get a full nights sleep! H has promised me a night in the spare room if we can crack bottles! The though of a full nights unbroken sleep excites me! I may even be brave enough to leave her for an hour soon!

  • Evening ladies!

    We've had a fairly horrendous growth spurt of a weekend resulting in me sending h out in the middle of the night to buy formula, luckily the garage didn't have any and I *think* we are now over the worst. He's been good today and went down at 10 which is his earliest yet. Would like to get longer than 2 and a half hours out of him though, wish me luck x

  • That's amazing Custard, lucky you! Great news about the bottle too! A whole nights sleep, amazing!! Will have to tell H about that!!

    oh Mrs.P, fingers crossed he has lasted longer than 2 hours! At least you know its due to a growth spurt and it will pass!!

    Well E is still asleep but I've had to get up to express!! My milk flow seems to have increased the last few days!! My boob was starting to get painful, couldn't leave it any longer!!
  • Custard that is some serious sleep! How was the swimming, did you go to an organised baby lesson or just take her to the pool? As O was early we are best to wait until after his 2nd imms but I'm really looking forward to taking him. I've seen a company that do 'water babies' but it's about £15 a lesson I think!

    Mrs Bass that was really nice of your hubby and E sounds like she's doing great. Hope she sleeps for a bit still!

    Mrs P I'm glad you didn't need the formula in the end and I hope the worst of it has passed!

    AFM I've had a really [email protected] weekend. This really isn't how I thought these lovely newborn days would be.

  • Oh well, maybe not.

    MDD sorry you had a bad weekend. X

  • We want to an actual lesson. It was lovely. All singing song and swishing baby! She was fascinated and was staring at everybody! It's at a local hotel so pool is warmer. We're a

    Paying £8 a lesson. Mum, dad and baby is included for that. We decided it would cost that to get us into a normal pool without lessons.

  • MDD, i though things had started to get better? Sending you lots of hugs!

    custard that sounds like great fun! I*ll have to start looking for something similar!

    well E is just having a feed after over 7 hrs sleep! I can't believe it! What are the chances she'll go down again??!
  • Did she go down again?

    M got up at 7 and is nodding off on my bed so hopefully I'll be able to sneak in another hour before we need to get up!

  • Yes! Can't believe it, had another couple of hours!!
  • And she is sleeping on me now without even finishing her morning feed!! She obviously partied too hard this weekend!
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