Night time thread - anyone up?

Well we've just finished the 16 week growth spurt, I've got to say that I was hoping the sleep might stretch out a bit after but we've fallen straight back into waking around 11 and 3, seem to be running half an hour early tonight.

I'm desperate to stay awake, always end up co-sleeping after this feed but really want to try and get out of that habit.

Hope there's lots of sleeping babies and mummies! Xx


  • Evening BE, I'm just up with my little man for a feed. Does he sleep better if you co-sleep? If it works then is just stick with it!!

    I sleeps really well now that he's sorted on his milk, he has a feed at 8pm which is always his worst in terms of getting wind up (he's. Mega windy baby). We are normally on bed to sleep for 10pm and he sleeps through then until between 2 and 3 (3 tonight!) then he will go back down now until probably half 7ish.

    How's things otherwise?x

  • Im up! Little man woke up at 12 for a feed. settled him at 2 and then he woke at 4 and hes currently sleeping on me. just wondering when is reasonable to wake my h up? Hes been asleep since 12 in the spare room!

  • MDD - Glad that the sleeping is better for you now. With the co-sleeping, I started doing it when he went through a previous growth spurt and was waking loads in the night, it's good because I can just stay in bed but I usually end up with an achy arm! Also, I think that it means he uses me more, when he stirs he will look to latch on and it's only for a few seconds so I'd like to stop that habit really. I do like having him in bed with me though :-) I guess it's not so bad if it's only for the last few hours of the night.

    Did you decide what to do about work? I'm going to request part-time hours.

    Mrs V - I would say that 6 hours is a good sleep for Mr V so I'd wake him if you haven't already!

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