Not saying Mummy

E is 17 months and really coming on with talking, but despite saying Daddy really clearly since it was his first word at 10 months and being able to say everyone else's name (including the bloody dog!!) he has still not said anything remotely like Mummy and I'm starting to get a bit upset about it. Irrational I know, but he has always been a real Daddy's boy and it's Daddy, Daddy, Daddy all the time while I get bitten, scratched and tantrummed on! 

No real point to this but just wanted cheering up really, H is working late and I've come in from work only to hear Daddy all evening and I'd love to hear Mummy or even his own word for me, something that's 'mine'! Weep


  • When he starts saying it, you'll wish he never started... Especially when it is combined with Mummy, can I have? Why Mummy? etc

    Does your H refer to you as mummy when E is around?

  • Ha! I'm sure I will, just so sick of hearing flippin' Daddy! Yeah he does, he will say "where's mummy?" etc. and E will point me out and in photos and stuff but even though he will clearly say Nana, Grandad and Dexter (dog!) he hasn't yet said Mummy. I thought maybe it was just the M's that were hard but he says Mickey now so that's not it Weep

    I'm probably being daft but just feel like the girl with no name!

  • C couldn't say Mummy until he was almost 3, I was variants of it, but no "Mummy" so I can understand your frustration. Not daft, it sucks when everyone else has a name, ha

  • No advice but know exactly how you feel. In spite of his dad leaving and barely seeing him for the last six months he is da da ing all the time at the minute. I try to rationalise it as I know that ds are easier than ms but I can't say it doesn't hurt!

  • Thanks ladies, just wanted to hear I'm not on my own I think! Feel like i always cop for the poo-end of the stick! Laugh

    I suppose it'll be extra special when he does say it then x

  • L is the exact same....i know he can say it though.....but says Dad non stop....much to my h's annoyance as it is constant x
  • N was all daddy daddy daddy for months and I got upset about it too! He didnt say mummy for such a long time. Now he's mummy obsessed so it doesn't last!

  • K is nearly 2 and hardly talks at all, although we have finally had some progress over the past month. Her still doesn't really say it...but my 8 year old daughter says it NON STOP so I'm counting my blessings at the moment haha!!

  • W was exactly the same . Could say loads of words before mummy. Even now at 25 months she says mama not mummy but I'm happy with that as at least she's trying to say my name!

    H would always say mummy a lot in front of her, and I often refer to myself in the third person when we're doing things-

    "Can mummy have some of your biscuit"

    Shall mummy put your coat on" etc.

  • ]Thanks JT, makes me feel better. I honestly don't mind what he calls me (within reason!) but just really want a name of my own! *stamps foot* Laugh

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