Not that I'm saying it out loud but...

... I have a tummy sleeper.

swaddling doesn't work, shusshing doesn't work, propping the end of the crib doesn't work, Sharing a bed doesn't work. He hates being on his back. Even just lying on his back in my arms he isnt keen. Think we may have to give in as it seems more dangerous having him sleep on my chest instead. It's been a very calculated risk (i am bf, we have sensor mat, crib next to bed, have observed him napping, he sleeps 2/3 hours max, he has a strong neck already, turns head side to side, non smokers, not prem, etc) but one we feel ok-ish with. 

Anyone else give in (not that you are saying it out loud either).  Will it be a passing phase? 


  • Isaac tummy slept from a couple of weeks old to about 4/5months. I wasn't thrilled with it, but I preferred that to us all being massively sleep deprived. It was a relief when he started sleeping on his back though!

  • When Henry was in the midst of his 'silent reflux' symptoms (allergy) he would only sleep on me. Couldn't lay on his back. After searching and searching online for an answer so many reflux babies were tummy sleepers. I tried him one nap time in his moses, watched him like a hawk. But I just couldn't bring myself to do it again. That's how I ended up co sleeping as was the only other way he'd sleep

  • E is a tummy sleeper. I didn't give her much choice at teeny, but she could roll at 10weeks, so slept in a crib swaddled, again to prevent it. As soon as she went into the travel cot in our room at 20 weeks 50% spent on tummy and 50% on back and now she's in the cot at 9 months, it's rare to find her asleep on her back. I figure, other than sitting up all night and rolling her back, I just have to accept it really.

  • I don't think it's a big a risk at 6+ is it? Since he became a good roll'er he's tummy now but I'm sure I read when they roll its not a big a problem

  • E is a tummy sleeper - in our case it was recommended by the specialist cleft team, as she wouldn't sleep on her back at all. She has always hates being on her back, even in our arms, and even now (5 months), she has limited patience for being flat on her back on a playmat (perfectly happy on her front or sat/standing).  She has always had good head control, but I have also always used the angel care monitor for all her sleeps even though she is in the same room as us.  I think you have to do what is best for you and your baby.  I know the guidelines, but took the decision that the overall level of cot death risk is low and all the things that I was already doing were reducing the risk further, and lack of sleep on both our parts was a greater risk for me.  Do what you feel is best based on full knowledge of the risks and facts.

  • Thanks for the replies people. Night one went very well. Good sleeping from everyone (aside from baby not bringing up any wind for almost an hour at 3am...)

  • Our smallest twin loves sleeping on her tummy. they kept putting her on her tummy in the hospital and so she expects it at home. we settle her on us and then put her on her side until she is fully asleep and then on her back. Glad your LO slept well and you too!

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