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Now you have children, how many hours do you work?



  • Hollywood, what is it you do? Just intrigued because of your lovely hours! :-)

  • I worked full time pre baby.  Averaging 40-50 hours a week plus a ten hours commute (at least). Just about to return doing 8.30-4 30 (probably with no lunch break but obviously officially i get one). So standard hours of 35 a week.  Will work at least 40 plus same 10 hour commute a week. I'm not looking forward to it one bit!

  • My full time hours pre-baby were 35 a week (7 hour days), I now do a 4 day week which is 28 hours, with Thursday being my day off and working from home on a Friday.

  • Before child one I worked full time 8.30-5.30ish. After I worked 4 days a week having Fridays off until he was 2, I got made redundant and started a new job. I'm in field sales full time but my day can be anything between 6am and midnight depending where I am and what time my meetings are. I'm always back at a reasonable time on Fridays and my diary is pretty flexible. I wanted to go back 4 days again thus time but they won't let me so full time it is

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