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Hi. I have my NT scan tomorrow. But no-ones mentioned anything to me about the blood test that is meant to go alongside it? I've naively been thinking that the nurse who does the ultrasound would take the bloods also.....will they? Or do I need to be chasing my midwife for a blood test slip that I can take to the diagnostic centre tomorrow? Thanks in advance for any personal experiences you can share with me!


  • At my hospital they sent me through for the blood test in the antenatal clinic after the scan had been done. I guess they do it that way so they know that the dates are accurate and within the correct range for taking the blood. It didn't say anything about it on the scan letter though, and I had my booking appointment on the same day as my scan (which was when I was given the blood test forms for 12 and 28 weeks) so some areas may be different.

  • Mine might be different because I had the NT scan and bloods privately with C (it was before it was standard everywhere), but I had them done by a nurse when having my scan done.

    Hopefully someone who's had them more recently and on the NHS will be able to help answer.

  • Ah, that makes sense! Thanks. I'm sure they probably do the same at my hospital.

  • Thanks Deedee.

  • Same here, you'll probably see the mw after your scan and they'll take the bloods.

  • I have a form that I have to give my bloods separately....I have ring up and book them myself. Think it happens differently everywhere. If in doubt give you mw a shout. Enjoy seeing baby again tomorrow lovely x

  • I should add my previous hospital with O we have blood at same time as scan

  • I'd check with the midwife before you go. My midwife gave me a form at my booking in appt, and if I forgot to take it to the hospital on scan day I just didn't get the bloods done. Just in case your midwife hadn't had a coffee the morning you saw her, it might be worth checking!

  • Thanks everyone!

  • I had mine done before my scan. I got so excited when they called me through but they just took my blood and sent me back to the waiting room to wait for my scan!!
  • When I had my booking-in appt the MW completed my bloods forms and gave it to me, I took it along on scan day and went through for bloods after scan.

  • Gosh it's so different everywhere... Before even booking-in I was sent a letter with two appointments, one for blood tests and then my nuchal scan just under a week later. Can't remember what happened with A but I think it must have been the same.

  • I seen the mw after my scan and she did my bloods then. Double check before you go if you're not sure.

    Best of luck for tomorrow xxx

  • Thanks all. The midwife called me yesterday so I double checked and she said they'd take my blood tests at the scan. The hospital sent me over to pathology for them.

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