Nursery etiquette

J had nursery photos taken a couple of weeks ago, and they're really not very good. He's got a beautiful smile, but he's looking really pissed off in the pics, and also really chubby, and they're generally nowhere near as good as any of the prints I have of him that H or I have taken. Is it ok to not buy them, or is that frowned upon?


  • dont buy them and say that J has got a xmas photoshoot booked and you would rather buy them !

  • I skipped a few of Harry's because he was frowny or whatever. Definitely don't pay for pics you won't enjoy :)

  • I wouldn't buy them if they aren't any good!  Save your money for other things.  Although A is only 9 months so I have no idea about nursery etiquette!

  • There's no pressure to buy anything you don't want. They usually get a firm in and the nursery gets a small amount of the profit. I'm not buying C's this time as we've taken nicer photos of her ourselves recently. X

  • I wouldn't feel obliged to buy them.

    W had hers done last week. It was a local photography company that came in and took them of all the kids. We got given a pack yesterday with the prices and a copy of the proofs to look at . If you don't like them don't buy them.

    They're really expensive but they are actually really nice so I think we are maybe just going to buy one in a larger size that we can frame.

  • Thanks all, I'll just leave them in that case and hope that the next set are nicer!

  • We had the same issue with E when she was little and we didn't buy the photo's.  Just had some doen of C and waiting to see what they look like but I'm not expecting to like them as she had a sore eye on the day so I probably won't buy them either.

  • There will be no expectation for you to buy them, I imagine (if anything like the nurseries I know) that the majority of parents won't buy them.  If you don't like them, don't get them, no-one will think badly of you.

  • I didn't buy any of Miss CV's, none of them were particularly nice.

  • Don't say anything just don't buy them!

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