Nursery fees and bank holidays

I'm just in the middle of filling out all the forms to enrol F in nursery from February for 2 days per week. I can be pretty flexible with which days he attends however we were thinking Mondays and Fridays. I have, however, just realised that I haven't a clue about what happens with bank holidays - the nursery closes so will we still have to pay for those days he doesn't attend? If so, I think we might re-think the days. I'll probably have to give them a call tomorrow but, in the meantime, I am curious as to what other nurseries do with regards to bank holidays. Can anyone shed some light?


  • We're CM but she's open and it's time and a half to send E or 50% if we choose not to send her.  However she also has a rule that if she cancels/closes you don't pay so in your case I'd expect it to be free.

  • Round here (Hertfordshire) the norm is that you pay even if the nursery closes for a bank holiday, which IMO is very unfair, so,I'd check if I were you!

  • A's old nursery did charge for bank holidays but his new one doesn't so you'll just have to ask them.

  • The one I have booked F into doesn't close but I don't work bank holidays and didn't book him in on Mondays as I would want to do something with him on those days.

  • Oh my! They charge for days they're closed? That's preposterous :(

  • Our nursery only close over Christmas/New Year and good Friday/Easter Monday so two weeks in total. So fees are calculated as 50 weeks then divided by 12 months to get monthly charge.

    Will you be going back to work those days? If so your annual leave may get eaten up taking the bank hols, ours are a proportion of what we would have got ft, so something else to consider x

  • Our nursery charges. Luckily I don't have to send him on a Monday yet but it would really rile me to pay for BH's. Surely they should take the cost of these into account and cover them in the general fee and space it out?

  • My nursery closes and doesn't charge when they are closed. L was at a different nursery and was the same. But, do have friends at other nurseries where you do have to pay. I'd check to be honest. X

  • If they're going to charge for the BHs I think we'll choose a different day to send him. I'm lucky in that I don't need to worry about it fitting in around work. I just grudge paying for the days he doesn't go, especially as he'd only be going 2 days a week anyway. It'll be interesting to see what they say when I phone them.

  • You know, I don't know! They do a strange calculation where they look at the total number of days possible attendance (as not all months are equal numbers of days) and divide it by 12 so you get an equal monthly payment. I think this means we don't pay for closure days, but our monthly payment is constant as closure days have been accounted for. Equal monthly payments must help them with staff salaries. They still need paying on closure days of course.

  • Isla goes to nursery on Mondays. If it's a bank holiday they close and don't charge

  • Ours charges the same monthly rate regardless. They only close BH and boxing day.

  • We had to pay for bank holidays and any training days that the nursery did for the staff.

  • I've just had Bens pre school invoice. He does Mondays and the invoice says we haven't been charged for bank holidays or inset days. We're in Hertfordshire.

  • Thanks everyone. I just gave them a call and they do charge for bank holidays but not for the Christmas shut down. Seeing as I can work around the days they have available, I think we're going to choose 2 different days!

  • My nursery charges for bank holidays and says it has taken those closed days into consideration when coming to their daily charge. No idea how they've done it though.

  • C's old nursery would charge for BHs - one of the reasons we didn't put him in on a Monday.

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