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Well I am looking for bedding, curtains textiles etc for our nursery.  This is our 3rd little girl so I am a little past all the baby pinks and to be honest I prefer the bolder colours but still want to incorporate a bit of pink.  Furniture wise I have the Pink and Red chest of drawers from ikea with the red floating shelves so ideally I am looking for a textiles range with pink and red in it.  So far I have found nothing as all nursery stuff so far seems to be baby pinks.   Has anyone come across a range incorporating pinks and reds within them? If so where? Ikea do have a cover a pillow set but that is all, I would prefer matching but at this point not really fussy as long as it all goes.  We have done the Winnie the Pooh route then the girly pastel pink route so this time im looking to go a bit more funky if you know what I mean. 

Hubby is being a pain in the *** as all he can add to it is don't worry we have loads of time, baby won't even be in there for 6 months which is true but i'm 30 weeks now and i would prefer to have it all done as although baby isnt sleeping in there it will still be a functioning room.  Also once baby is here I really don't want to be decorating a flipping nursery.  

Thanks in advance x


  • I totally get that you want it to be ready before she comes.

    Incorporating the furniture colours you have will make it harder if you want to do bolder colours. I have done a jungle theme nursery with green walls, and blue ceiling, but then added stickers of animals (Fisher Price), and focused the pink ones (elephants and butterflies) around the cot. I'm also getting a pink sticker of her name for when she gets here, so although it's unisex it does have a hint of girlishness about it. Her furniture is cream, but I've decorated parts of that with pink butterfly stickers too.

    My photo next to my name is the nursery

  • Thanks baby longlegs, its frustrating because kids bedding sets etc have pinks reds but all nursery seems to be pink blue multi or neutral.  Im not even fussed about a lot of red even a little splash would do so it links someway.  Ill keep hunting until im beaten lol x

  • Couldn't you go neutral or multicoloured so long as it has the pink/red?  We went with grey, but the range of bedding (patternology from M&P) also has multicoloured stripes in bold colours and bold prints..

    This rug, for example, has both pink and red in:

    If you went multicoloured you could go all sorts in terms of colour in the bedding.  I'm so completely stuck on the Patternology range, I just love it, so everytime someone asks about nursery bedding I mention it.

  • I want to steer clear of neutrals as we are keeping the walls magnolia so putting the colour in with the fabrics so thats why need to find fabrics with pink and reds.  Think might have found some in dunelm mill so going to have a look over the weekend.

  • Might be worth looking at Vertbaudet as they are quite good for bright colours.  How about this one

  • Thats quite nice thanks jelly baby :)

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