Nursing bra

Hi ladies I know there are several of us in here that are pretty well endowed in the boob department So I thought I'd let you know that I've found an amazing nursing bra on debenhams online that is underwired!! Absolutely made my day. Was delivered this morning and have tried it on, it's so comfy and the back strap is lovely and wide. Also when the cup is dropped to feed there's a nice wide piece of material that stays in place across the top of your boob so not too exposed at all. Totally worth £34. The brand is elomi and it's black. Hope this helps someone x


  • Oh thanks for the tip off MrsB, im going to check them out!

  • Brilliant! I hate hate HATE non-wired bras, apart from anything else I find them near impossible to actually get on! I'll definitely invest in one of these a couple of weeks after baby is here when I have a clearer idea of my size!

  • Sorry ladies just been to have another look (was tempted to get a second) and quite a few sizes are now low or out of stock. :-(

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