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Seeing as OT seems extra quiet these days, what are peoples' opinions to posting OT related threads here on BT? I thought it might help continue the movement of this board, which has been fantastic today. 



  • i think its alright, and i find that sometimes what might start off as OT actually would beenfit the BT board or could do with some input from people here etc, as i find alot of OT'ers dont venture to BT and vice versa.

  • I remember when I first started using Hitched years ago, the BT board had a fair few OT threads and it was nice to log on and see loads of topics that I could reply to. There was also the OT board but that was busier than the OT board here.

  • It would continue the movement of this board, but then posting on OT would move that board, no?

  • I thought that AK, but I've seen numerous attempts to move the OT board and it just doesn't seem to last. I might be wrong but it feels like there's more people over here to comment whereas I always felt OT had fewer people commenting IYKWIM?

  • I agree, but posting over there is the only way to get it moving again. Although, TBH, Bringing OT back to life is like flogging a dead horse.

  • I also feel like I 'know' more people over here, which I guess makes a difference. Perhaps it's worth a shot and see how it goes?

  • Could always cross post.

  • I probably sound naive but do people inhabit only one area of the boards? I click on forums and if a title catches my eye I have a look. I kinda assumed it was the same for everyone.

    I try and do my bit by posting mindless nonsense! Sometimes people are in the mood and other times I get nothing, but then I don't really know many folk so it's just pot luck for me :)

  • That's true but wouldn't that take up time flipping back and forth between boards checking for replies, etc? And maybe get a little repetitive. Just my opinion.

  • Do forum over view and see all the boards in one page, then you can comment on what you want too without having to flick between all the boards?

  • Could put a link in, to the BT post.

    If you cross posted, it'd get you over to OT, and you might find threads there you could reply to.

  • I used to pop over to OT and comment/post where I could but never really felt that my comments were really needed and I had a couple of threads not even replied to on a couple of occasions. I guess I just got a bit disheartened with OT.

  • Understandable.

    I've pretty much given up with it too. It's not getting enough fresh meat over there.

  • When I select 'forums' I see all latest posts, so there's no flicking between required. I'm generally on my phone but I get the same view on my desktop and laptop.

  • phone doesnt lay out v well on the forum overview, and I CBA to keep flicking boards if I'm honest, I'm pretty busy irl and just flit on when I can. I'd post OT here if others did

  • How do I get forum overview? Can't see it for looking.

  • Along the bar where it says my mumdrum etc.. if you double cluck on forums I think on that and not go to the drop down menu you will see all the boards posts

  • I think we should just have all threads in one place like the good old days lol x
  • I kind of feel a bit afraid to post on the OT board as I'm not sure if I "know" anyone on it so I think this is a good idea x

  • MamaD I was about to write exactly this, I feel like a newbie on OT. Happy just to post here :)

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