Oil based paint fumes

I know I can't change this now but I've just spent 3 days in a sealed office whilst it was painted in oil based paint. I was complaining after day one the smell was so strong I felt sick but I was basically told to shut up. Today was day 3 and I felt horrendous so I googled it and discovered I should be nowhere near paint fumes especially in 1st tri and now I've got myself in a tizz and I'm really worried I've been put at serious harm. I'm 5+3 today and my employer is my dad and he knew I was pregnant. Does anyone know how serious the risks are after such exposure to oil based paint fumes?


  • Oh PS, what a nightmare! NHS site says the chances of any impact is 'extremely low'. A couple of other sites talk about 'lnog-term exposure' affecting a pregnancy. There doesn't seem to be any definitive stats or studies. My instinct is that you should be absolutely fine. It's not nice to have to work in that though, pregnant or not. Are you feeling okay?

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