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Omg, I might be a freak of nature? TMI...

Okay, so I've had a sore bit in my arm pit for a few days... We'll last night I noticed it was a bit gunky. Assuming it was ingrowing hair I gave it a little squeeze (are you telling me you wouldn't?) a bit of yellow/bloody gunk came out. Yuk. Got a flannel and washed it. Squeezed a bit more. A white milky type fluid came out. Not loads just like a droplet amount. Thought it looked suspiciously like breastmilk. Dismissed it as ridiculous / I'm sleep deprived!
Looked at again this morning. I


  • Looked at again this morning. It's defo milk there. WTF? I know milk ducts can 'wander' before ending up at the nipple but surely they all eventually end up at the nipple??? Or somewhere vaguely close to nipple????
  • Ooh HF! I don't know what to say but I didn't want to read and run...

  • I want someone to say "me too". Please. You can lie, LOL
  • Well I've just googled it as I've never heard of it, and there are lots of posts out there from women saying similar kinds of things to you (as in 'is this normal'). So you may not be a freak of nature after all!

  • Ermmm, *lies* me too. I'm not far along enough yet so it could still happen! As Cedar says, sounds like it may be normal.
  • Well, glad it's not just me! What did you search for? I'm off for a look at web!
  • I googled lactating from armpit

    And although nothing officially medical came up lots of other women have had it Hun! Seems fairly normal xx

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