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Just watched last nights episode where one girl had her dad at the birth.

would you ever want a male relative with you? 

I definitely wouldn't. He did stay head end and she seemed to be covered so he couldn't see the bits and pieces, but I don't think I would have wanted to be worrying about making sure I laid with a blanket over me, I was flinging myself all over the place! 


  • Absolutely no way and there's no way my dad would want to be there. He wouldn't even touch my tummy when I was pregnant to feel S kick. I would never have my mum there either though which I know is a lot more common.

    The dad last night did make me laugh when he said it would be the last grandchild and threatened the girls boyfriend with scissors hehe

  • No chance here! I just find that a bit odd, but if I had know one else I might ask my brother, suspect he'd say no though!

  • Not a chance. My brother got it in to his head when he was drunk a few months before I gave birth that he wanted to come to hospital when I was in labour and wait outside. I vetoed that pretty quickly!

  • No not in a million years. But I think the girl last night had a close relationship with him and he'd brought her up, so a bit diffetent maybe.

  • AutumnRose

    No not in a million years. But I think the girl last night had a close relationship with him and he'd brought her up, so a bit diffetent maybe.

    This, she lives with her dad rather than her mum. At first I did just think "no way!!" but I can understand it a bit more now (halfway through the episode).

  • To be fair she has allowed a full camera crew in, so that the nation can watch her give birth, so I don't find her allowing a male relative in strange at all. If she's close to her dad then why not?

  • My Dad had a melt down when I had to swab for MRSA at the top of my hip in front of him. I was in PJ's and laid in bed with a cover over me. He was still trying to run out of the ward lol x

  • CP I find allowing a camera crew very strange though!

    Yeah she is obviously close to him, and I think it was good he was there as I think the boyfriend would have been useless on his own, I liked that the dad was encouraging him to support her.

    But still, I personally wanted to have no one but H there so I wasn't worrying about being naked .

  • I think I'd be braver I front of a camera

  • I'm really close to my dad and I usually get his opinion on basically everything going on in my life but I don't think I'd want him in the room with me, there are things that he just shouldn't see.

  • It made more sense as the episode progressed...

    Personally I wouldn't, but I think that her dad was her support network and for that reason I understand it.

    I couldn't think of anything worse than having ANY of my make relatives at my birth....especially upon reflection!

  • Loved your comment picklepants - that is way up there with things  a dad never needs to see

  • Personally I wouldn't want my mum or my dad in with me, to me it is something very special between a couple.

    However in that girls situation, her mum had clearly left the family home when she was a young child so she had the choice of a woman who abandoned her or a man who had been there for her and raised her.  She didn't really have much support from her partner.  I think her father was absolutely fantastic and an amazing birth partner.

  • If I didn't have my H I would 100% have my dad there. He brought me up. My mum and I don't speak and haven't had a close relationship for a long time. However, H will be there and I wouldn't want anyone else sharing that moment. Its ours.

  • I can understand why she had her Dad with her, but there's no way i'd want my Dad in there with me.

    When I was having C, my Mum was in the delivery room with me, which I was so glad about. I was a scared 18 year old, my boyfriend was a scared 19 year old, so my Mum was a fantastic support. I needed a emCS so she wasn't allowed in to see C born, but she helped a lot during my labour.

    With J, I only wanted H there.

  • Just watching this. Completely agree with JB about it being a special moment between the two of you, I wouldn't want anyone else there.

    However, if I was in her situation, only 18, lived at home and had gotten pregnant accidentally by a boy who is also young and I'd only been seeing for a month then I might feel differently!

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