Oral thrush

Anyone's baby had this? What symptoms did baby/you have?

My HV told me to make an appt to see my gp as I have a throbbing pain in one breast when feeding S. She checked his mouth and although his tongue is white she thinks it could just be milk. If it was thrush would I not have pain in both boobs?


  • It could be that it's not showing on the otherwise yet. L had it in his mouth - white, powdery looking but I never got it from him.

  • At least if it is thrush its easily treated. Otherwise I have no idea what's causing the pain. I dread having to feed him from the right side :-(

  • P and i have this several times, it became agony to feed so i'd advise getting it treated asap. It was far worse in one boob than the other so it could well be.

  • I've managed to get an appt to see the gp tomorrow AR, fx they can help!

  • They should give you drops for baby and cream for you, it helps pretty quickly. When P was 8 weeks i had to express and feed her from a bottle for 36 hours because it became too painful. Glad you got an appointment.

  • Well doc thinks it is thrush, gave him drops but I had to ask her to prescribe me something. She told me not to feed from that side for 7 days which I thought was nonsense. The MW clinic was on so I popped in and spoke to my mw who confirmed it was rubbish and could still feed him. So glad I checked. GP's spouting rubbish like that could easily cause people to give up feeding, I'd have struggled finding time to express for that long

  • F had it really bad, his tongue and whole mouth were thick with it (side effect of his iv antibiotics) but luckily I never got it. His nystan cleared it up quickly but what the gp or pharmacist didn't tell me is that you need to use it for 10 days after you think it's cleared up. I also got dactarin (sp?) cream for myself too prevent cross contamination.

  • Glad you got something for it. Hope it kicks in fast! X

  • L had thrush and it was a right bugger to get rid of. I hope it disappears quickly for you Ally x

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