Pasta sauce recipes

Can anyone share their baby/kids pasta sauce recipes please. O is 7 months and I'm looking for some different sauces to put with his pasta xx


  • I quite like Philadelphia with pasta! They do several varieties and you can add some chopped up brocollie or peas or ham or salmon to make it a bit more colourful.

    Tuna and sweet corn pasta.

    Tomato and mascarpone

    Basic tomato


    White/bechemel sauce. If you make your own this is a great base for pretty much anything!

    Carbonara with bacon eggs and cream

    I like pasta with a little bit of marmite and butter but everyone thinks I am weird!

  • I used to love pasta with grated cheese and chopped ham when I was little.... it sounds dry but its not, its nice! Had a bowl last week too, first one in ages!

  • Homemade pesto, herbs, cheese and oil then blend...freezes well too. Tomato with frozen spinach stirred through. Creamy mushroom using béchamel base/cream and sautéed or blended mushrooms. Making me hungry now!

  • Ducky do you have the recipes for those you mentioned...I don't want to give him anything he shouldn't have yet?!

  • Some good ideas there Smarties thanks xx

  • I made one tonight just with lentils,  carrot and tinned tomatoes

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