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PCOS consultant appointment... What to expect?

Hi. I have a consultant appointment on Thursday for the fact that I'm pregnant and have suspected PCOS (no cysts, I've had scans to check previously). I have no idea what to expect, can anyone enlighten me? My BMI is about 25.25 so a little over what it should be but nothing that I think they will be overly concerned about? My widwife wasn't anyway. Just like to go to the appointment with some idea of what will happen / be said, so that I'm not completely thrown when anything crops up. Many Thanks!


  • I have PCOS too. PCOS is a hormone imbalance. They like to just make sure everything is ok as pregnancy is a huge hormonal change.

    Also, with PCOS comes the slightly increased risk of gestational diabetes. They may offer tests for this a bit earlier or more frequently that other ladies. It is only a small risk though! So don't worry too much. And if you do develop it, it can be controlled by diet and tablets and only needs injections if if is severe.

    The fact you are a healthy weight lowers your risk. They probably just like to be cautious!

    Good luck!

  • Thanks Ducky :) I'm already booked in for a Glucose Test at 16 weeks for Gestational Diabetes, the midwife did that, but thought they probably want to check all of that is organised. Good to have a general idea about what the appointment will entail, thank you :)

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