Petite Njoy Bubble??? buggy for travelling?

Now A is 6 months old and time seems to have flown I am starting to think about doing some travelling by train on my own with her before i have to go back to work, but i still like her parent facing and this is the only buggy i have found that parent faces. Has anyone tried it? owns it? rates it? or recommends anything else?

Will continue to use out uppababy vista day to day as love the basket and having no car the massive basket is a requirement that most buggies can't satisfy.


  • I was going to get one for the same reasons (got a maclaren quest instead). One of the mums at work had one recently and I pushed it a bit and it was awful! I thought the handles were in a really awkward place and I didn't like it to push. It doesn't seem to be one you can play with in a shop, at least I've never seen it.

  • My friend was recently looking for a rear facing buggy and ended up with the Quinny Zapp Xtra.

  • I have one and love it. Reasoning for me was I still like her parent facing for sleeps (not that she does that much now in the buggy) and she will sometimes ask to face me so we can have a bit of a chat. She always seems happy in it, the seat unit is long so when laid down her legs don't hang off the end and its so easy to reverse. The only thing is that the basket is really small although I haven't found it a problem to be honest as if she is forward facing I put things in the rear seat and keep the hood cover over it and I can get much more in it than a normal stroller. When she's asleep, I hang things off the handles. I've had no problems with pushing it either and the handles seem fine to me. We got a reconditioned one from from nursery value for £135. Argos stock them or babies r us. We had a play in there with one before ordering ours just to see what it was like.

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