Please share your stroller knowledge!

I'm looking for a stroller, for our holiday initially (LO will be almost 1). And also to use as he gets a bit older / to keep in the boot etc. I know I want one that reclines, has a hood and swivel wheels, is there anything else I need to consider? For example, would this kind of thing do the job?

It seems well reviewed and doesn't cost the earth, but then I didn't want one that was too cheap and wouldn't last or be too narrow for our big boy, who is likely to become a big toddler!

I did so much research when buying our pram but really don't have the time or inclination for that kind of detail now. So any thought or recs gratefully received!



  • I love buggy shopping! for seat size i would go with a popular brand as the cheaper ones can be very but also the handle can be low.

    i had a quick look and this chicco one is on offer and seems to have good

  • Can't see the links as I'm on phone but we've got a maclaren techno xt and really like it. It's not particular good looking I dont suppose but it does the job. One of the main things I liked was the extending hood feature which gives really good sun protection and, as we bought to take abroad, it was going to be handy. It now lives in the car boot and we use it when out and about rather than lugging the Quinny around. It can be used from birth too as it has a lie flat option. Really easy to put up and down too.

  • Sleepy - Thanks a lot for your research! It looks like it does everything I need and seems a very good price. That's a good point about the brands / flimsiness / narrowness. S is already 10kg at 9.5m, though his weight gain has slowed and I imagine will continue to as he nears one, but I think we do need something sturdy! They all seem to be to a max of 15kg, is this pretty standard do you know?

    WG - Just looked it up, and though it looks great, it was quite a bit more than I wanted to pay - seems to be around £185? I take on board it's a good one though, and the hood would be handy as we are also going abroad. I didn't know if I'd need one that holds a parasol (though I know parasols aren't all that!)

    I guess I should go and physically look at some and see how Sam fits as he's already quite long. Hmm, more to consider I guess!

  • We didn't pay full price as I managed to snap up an offer at Mothercare. Might be worth looking to see if it's on offer anywhere?

  • Thanks WG, I'll keep my eyes peeled!

  • I've just had a search for extendable hoods as I think that will be very useful (thanks for brining it to my attention WG!) There's a Zeta Vooom - which I'd never heard of, that seems to get really good reviews on Amazon, priced, on offer, between £50 - £70, down from £109. Here is the link if any buggy experts have a moment to look it over, or if anyone has heard of it? I'm clueless with brands! Thanks.

  • 15kg does tend to be the standard which is 2.3st, which is what my 4 year old weighs however they do take more weight than this my 6yr old regularly tries to hitch a ride!

  • My mum has that exact Zeta Voom for her house and she loves it. It does have an extendable hood. I've just bought the Obaby Atlas ready for our holiday later this year, but also to keep in the boot as our travel system is really bulky and a pain to fold up. I got a very pretty one but it doesn't have an extendable hood. I do have a parasol though.

  • With Zoe I made the mistake of trying to economise on the pushchair, and buying cheap.  Except that then I ended up buying several.  I had :-

    M&P Pulse

    Maclaren XLR

    Quinny Zapp

    Baby Jogger City Micro

    I dislike umbrella fold pushchairsl.  I hate having two handles, I find them awkward to push.  Also I hate the way they fold, they seem to take up more space in the boot than they need to, maybe because our car isn't massive (Golf) so it had to go diagonally across which took up so much space.  

    I loved the Baby Jogger.  The way it folds it just amazing, it's a good room seat, had a decent basket underneath, is easy to push, fold flat so doesn't take up much room in the boot.   Second to that is the Quinny Zapp, I didn't like ti because it had no basket and didn't recline, but now there is the quinny Zapp 2 which folds as one piece, reclines and also parent faces so for me it would be a tie between the Baby Jogger and the Zapp but would probably be the Baby Jogger as overall winner.  

  • Oh and the Baby Jogger goes up to 40lbs (so 18kg ish) but saying that Zoe wasn't over 15kg until she was 4.

  • We have a Quinny Zapp which so far I have kept in the boot of the car and only used with the car seat on (really useful when nipping in the shops etc).  I love it and it is tiny (is small enough to go in overhead lockers on a plane).  I got a complete bargain on it at Kiddicare about 6 months ago  (about half price).  I am about to buy a zapp extra seat (which is compatible on the zapp) and reclines to go with it.  My friend has done the same and still uses the Zapp with the Zapp Xtra seat loads and her little one is now 3.

  • Thanks a lot everyone, some really useful points and tips here. I've had a look at the baby city jogger and quinny zapp mentioned, and the o baby atlas too. I think, though the first two look great, I really can't justify spending anywhere near that much as our proper pram cost a lot and I do still intend to use that day to day, especially for big walks. Having a stroller will be really handy too, to keep in the car, especially as our current one takes up loads of room and I will no longer be able to clip the car seat on it shortly as S has nearly outgrown it. However I would feel bad spending much more than £70ish for what we want, on top of what we've already spent. Thank you though.

    JB - I hadn't thought of the fold or anything so I will definitely take a trip to Kiddicare and play with some to see what I think, especially as we have a Golf too! I would prefer one handle bar for manoeuvring but think realistically in my price bracket it will be two. I will keep it in mind though in case there is something else out there.

    Knees - Good to hear your Mum gets on with the Zooom, I do really like it, might see if I can have a look at it in the flesh somewhere. They have a really nice purple one on amazon which I love, but am trying to decide if it's leaning towards pink and girly!
  • If you are happy with second hand I would keep an eye out for a Baby Jogger on ebay or local selling pages.  

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