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We used a toddle pod with our LO from about 8 weeks old until he outgrew it around 16 weeks I think and found it fab. When I was buying it (after seeing rave reviews on here), I am positive in their FAQs, they mentioned FSID guidelines and why using the pod was safe. I've just lent it to my friend for her young baby, and decided to send her the link so she could be reassured it was safe and there is now no mention of safety, other than saying the baby should be supervised in it, which I'm sure didn't used to be there, as S slept in his overnight. Plus, when I google it, there are a couple of question marks on forums about it not complying with safety regs or having a kite mark.

Does anyone have any info on them being safe (or not), other than personal experience? I don't want to inadvertently put my friends baby at risk and feel a responsibility having lent it to her. I'm a bit concerned something may have happened to cause a change in information on their website. Thank you.



  • I'm sure someone said the other day they are not for overnight sleeps. I was going to get a toddle one but that put me off!

  • wOBs....I was tempted for the newbie following the trend on here but if it's now not recommended for overnight sleep I can't justify the money. It's a tough one, could you perhaps message poddle pod or the lullaby trust for their answers?

  • I think it was me that said about them not being suitable for overnight sleeping. I only found that when I went on the website with the intention of buying one. Also on further googling I found a reply from poddle pod themselves on another forum to someone who had emailed to ask about it. Didn't elaborate much, just said not advisable for overnight. You could email then directly
  • Iv just looked on website (very premature I know lol) but was just up early and browsing and it seems not suitable as it says they should be attended in it at all times and that won't happen at night.

  • Does anyone know why they're not recommended for overnight? O has slept in his every night since he was just over a week old (so weighed about 5 and a half lb!) the alternative to me was far more risky, he suffered very badly from wind and was far too small for grobags so he would pull his knees right up and the weight of his body would tumble him onto his side. That's and wriggling around meant that the 2 nights he slept at home without it I spent the whole night moving him around the crib and trying to settle him and keep the covers away from his face (not easy when he was so small).

    We quickly realised he wants to sleep on his side so when he was a bit bigger we started putting him in the pod on his side, he's completely supported and can't roll over as he's in the 'dip'.

    I showed it to the MW and HV as I was such a worrier about everything and they were both (seperately) in agreement that it was a safe environment for O to sleep. His nose and mouth are never covered and he is comfortable. I'm not sure I see where the risk is? I'm

    maybe being naive here!

  • It's very possible that they are just covering themselves. There is another version called the sleepyhead I think which is SIDS approved, I've not studied the difference closely enough to see what/if it is. The only this I can see is if they were to get their faces pushed against the side. Obviously at night you might not notice this. I'm really not sure
  • I'm feeding at the mo so can't move but the info that arrived with the pod explains what happens should baby roll face into the side and how the design means they won't suffocate. I'll dig it out and come back!

  • O's head is on the surround bit so there's nothing at the side for his face to be against. When he was tiny and fitted right in the middle I put him down on his back, plus it sort of weighs down with their body weight and he was so light it hardly moved do again the sides weren't particularly raised anywhere near his face.

    This is O lying in his right now

    The he only way I could see an issue would be if he could push himself up, get turned over and end up on his tummy but if he was able to do that he would be able to turn his head to the side anyway or would cry out if he got 'stuck' on his front. 

    The logic on the night sleeping doesn't make sense either, the poddle pods designed up to 6months which, by sids guidelines, the baby should be in the room beside you anyway so you would hear if they were stirring about as your in the room beside them all night. I leave O more during the day sleeping in it to nip to the loo or something!

  • I used it until 9 months and knew it wasn't ever recommended for overnight sleeps but I had no concerns AT ALL. I stopped using it when he could turn in it as then I decided it wasn't ideal but more from the point he was getting stuck between the pod and the cot.

  • The little slip I had in mine when I bought it (about August last year maybe) said that it was designed so that it woudln't shape around their faces. It's quite a sturdy/stiff type of foam, so if you imagine their face up against it, it wouldn't envelope their nose and mouth if that makes sense. We used it for overnight sleeping in the moses basket from about 2 weeks to 6 weeks and for daytime naps on an armchair until about 5 months.

  • Thanks everyone. Perhaps it was the leaflet it came with that said about it being safe, and also something about using it for co-sleeping too - I'm adamant I read enough to reassure me it was safe to use, and agree we had no issues or concerns with S. However, I'm not a fan of anecdotal evidence when it comes to safety, so won't be using it overnight if we have another, unless the guidance with them changes, and I have let my friend know. I think they probably are just covering themselves though, like AR says, it's a tough one to call.

    SP - It would be interesting to see what the leaflet actually says, thanks. I have no idea where mine is!

    MDD - That's how Sam slept as well, due to his reflux, but I think the pod people recommend sleeping in the empty nest bit rather than propped, so I still don't think there is much risk due to the light fabric. I am obviously no expert though!

  • Lamby it basically says what knees said! The pillow won't envelop baby's face even if they did turn into it. F rarely moves in his sleep anyway other than throwing his hands about! I have to say that he sleeps better in his pod than anywhere!

  • Missdeedee I LOVE that photo of O! He looks so cosy!

  • Interesting. I've been looking at these too. I suppose it's like with anything, you have to weigh up the risks. Nothing to add, but would you recommend a poddle or toddle size? I have big babies and I'm concerned how long it'd last...  They look so comfy, I'd quite like one for myself!

  • I used ours at night up until about 9 weeks in the moses basket until F got fed up of being in it at night. There was never any problems or worry on my part in regard to safety. He still uses it for naps to sleep on downstairs at 13 weeks. The sides dont come up high enough to cover his face when he turns his head. I guess they are just covering their backs by saying that. Id use one again and again. It was a godsend when he was so tiny, he fit so snug in it.

  • We use ours for downstairs naps

  • I brought the toddle pod for my little boy, even though it says 6m+, he’s been overnight sleeping in it since he was just over 2 months old. He sleeps in the gap with his legs draped over the end. Even when turning his head (that’s how he sleeps) his face isn’t covered And also sleeping on his side. It’s so ideal for him as he likes to be held all the time and this gives him that feeling. He’s also started sleeping through since using it so 100% recommend 👍🏾

  • I think the “not overnight sleeping” is to cover there own back to be honest 

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