Poddle Pod voucher code

does anyone have one ?



  • I don't have one but when I ordered mine they put a code for 10% off on their Facebook, might be worth following them on there if you're not already.

  • thanks Rose !

  • Don't have a code lovey (didn't even think about it when I ordered mine!) I wanted to ask, I noticed you said you had just ordered your morrck, you didn't have a code for that did you?x

  • im sorry i didnt, i even called and tried to get a discount but they didnt comply haha!

  • Monnie I've spied one on the for sale threads, might not be available still but worth a try? Sorry if you've already asked on there.

  • thanks jonesy, its a lady i work with is doing my office collection, they want to get it for me from the office, i just wondered if i could get free delivery or something for them!

  • Oh monnie that just made me laugh, you don't ask you don't get though!x

  • im the biggest coupon queen ! im always after a discount or bargain lol! like you said you dont ask you dont get !

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