Poo - potty training

We have been potty training for past week. Wee is mostly okay.
Poo is a different story. Wednesday she did one in her knickers whilst we were out. Then another into trousers when got home (I hadn't quite got round to replacing knickers - bad Mummy) which was seriously traumatic for me as it squidged all down her leg. Hosed her off in shower!
Today - She just did one on lounge carpet (seriously unhappy mummy here!) she was literally a yard from potty but didn't attempt to sit on it!?!?!? ARRGHH


  • When I first potty trained my daughter I stupidly thought she would get poos much easier than wees. She didn't, it was the other way around. She did get it though. It just took a bit longer.

  • O doesn't get it with his poo, he doesn't tell me when needs a wee either. They will get it eventually, but it's just frustrating until then.

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